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Since most Hoberites are sartorial by nature and not subject to the whims of fashion fads, I'm curious what width ties you guys are ordering today. I guess for a little additional context, your height and build would be helpful as well. I'm 6'0 and a medium build, and with the last order I placed almost 2 years ago, I went with 3.5". Thanks.
I wear a size 10.5 or 11 in most shoes but a 10D in the Allen Edmonds 5 last (Park Avenue, etc.). I have the opportunity to buy a pair of suede Carminas in the Robert last in a size 9.5 UK / 10 US and was just wondering how the fit of the AE and the Carminas on these respective lasts compare and whether there is any chance the Carminas might fit me. Thanks for any input.
I'm sure this question has been addressed many times over (and that the search function is my friend), but I recently wore my Charcoal Gray/Silver Grenadine Grossa for the first time to a weddding and wound up with 3 very noticeable stains on it. Obvously I need to get it cleaned and was just looking for guidance as to how best to do so without ruining the tie. I'm happy to mail it somewhere if that makes sense. Thanks.
Love all the tie pics. Just curious what width and length you guys are ordering and, for context, your height and build (thin, average, heavy). Thanks.
So wearing the black and white houndstooth with a navy suit works? Thanks.
So what's the favorite silver/gray to wear with a navy suit?
Ask Vanilla Ice.
I can't directly help you with your question but I'm under the impression that only prescription sunglasses (not regular sunglasses) are eligible for FSA dollars. Maybe that's what you're talking about but just wanted to raise that issue in case it's not. Good luck.
So irrespective of one's current warddrobe and tie inventory, what are your top 5 Hobers? Asked differently, if you had to buy Hobers at once and could never buy any more, what would they be? I'm sure something along this line has been asked or discussed in the previous 260 pages, but given the passion and enthusiam that most Hoberites have for the product, together with the new offerings and new converts, I assume its an opinion many won't mind offering, even for the...
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