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Gentlemen, Thank for the information. Forewarned, etc...
Does anyone have any experience with Tom James suits? I've seen his name associated with Oxxford, but I wasn't certain of quality/value. I don't wear suits often, but I don't want to look shabby if I do. Thanks
This is a little off topic, but sifting through a thrift store I found a pair of old, still tagged Sear/Roebuck Western Wear jeans. They're "Cut to fit over boots," and while I'm generally a 34, these are a 36 and fit great (70's styling, I suppose). The rise is a little long, but it's a great find, and I just wanted to crow. The best part is the artwork on the large tag, looks like Burt and Loni circa Smokey and the Bandit.
Be careful on ebay. Not to scare you off, but a friend of mine was disappointed with his ebay purchase. Turned off by the prices on, he ordered a couple of shirts from an ebay seller in Asia and was disappointed. He gave me a navy shirt with red tipping in size L that I think is ok and wear, but he claims is a fake. It is quite slim for an L; I have track jacket from the website in L that is big on me. Of course, you mentioned you'd like to buy in person, so...
Regarding those Ballin wool jeans, has anyone else received them yet? They're pretty nice, I believe they came from a genuine Saks store (well, or outlet), not just a pile in a warehouse. Question, though. How would anyone suggest finishing the hem? I need mine shortened up quite a bit and I wasn't sure how I should have them done. I figure no cuff, but it can't really be jean-finished either. Any suggestions? Thanks
I scored 13. "13 points is in the 10 through 20 points range Possible future metrosexual? You're still masculine, but I will question it if you start wearing shirts with diagonal stripes." Crap. I do have a nice brown/cream diagonal stripe sweater, and a tyrwhitt striped shirt with collar and cuffs cut on the bias. And I kinda cheated on that question about many boxer briefs. Two is not many, but it's more than none. Stupid term, only person I've ever heard use it in...
Thanks are due from me as well. I ordered the Ballins in Charcoal, figure it'll be good casual with a dress shirt and sportcoat (they better be nice or there'll be some disappointed forum folks). I also got a Lacoste polo, which are difficult to find new and made in France for less than $60.
I wanted to see others opinions. I don't own any boots higher than the ankle, but I was considering these: Do they look reasonable, as in wearable? I know $100 isnt much for boots, but it's still $100 I could spend better elsewhere if I can't wear 'em with jeans.
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