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Not to hijack the thread for Land's End, but Quill, had you mentioned before that you had tried Land's End's "Custom" stuff? What's it like, quality/style? I like the idea of a MTM shirt from them for under $100. More than I'd usually spend (and everyone will tell me just to use Jantzen) but maybe if I get some $$ this fall...
I'm sure most kids don't know where to go, but most have parents and managers that seem perfectly ready to spend the expected cash, and usually look like they've already begun. I guess it's silly to think they would try to dress to our definitions of "nicely fitting, tailored clothes." Mostly they want to stand out, and also apply bball style rules to the suits they have to wear. I can forgive them if they'd rather be wearing sweats. I did think Emeka Okafor (from UConn...
Anyone care to comment on what the latest multimillionaires were wearing to their induction into the billionaire boys club? Personally, I think it's a little toned down this year, but we'll see... I always say, if you're a first round pick, couldn't you go to any tailor in the country and say, make me a suit that fits, and I'll wear it to the draft?
Should Bluefly give us credit for advertising their product? I guess they'd be against the code sharing. Jeez, I gotta do some work... Too much going on at the forum today.
Bumping this up the topic list... Movie is finally coming out, anyone see it yet? Mandatory positioning: Moore is an egotistical jerk and he's preaching to the choir, but he's quite clever and his points (if not his facts) are often valid. Like J said, shaker of salt.  
I hope this post doesn't get lost in the E+C section of the Forum, but here goes... Anyone been to the 18th St. Lounge in DC lately? Since a few years ago I had always wanted to go and see the famed home turf of Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. I had friends who had been, and claimed the dress code was strict and the place was expensive; as a POOR college student 2 hrs away I could afford neither the clothes nor the cover. I've since graduated, moved near the district and...
Would certainly be interested in at least seeing them. Might I venture the question, where did you find them?
Yep, those aren't PL, but they do look rather nice for the price. These are. With the discount that's a pretty good deal. Alas, still out of my range, until Xmas or so (I can't believe I'm planning a shoe budget that far in advance). Oh also, so are these. Very nice color. Bluefly says they're crafted from "smooth leather." Oooooh.  
The Lost in Translation Sdtrk is good all over. If you like it, check out any albums by My Bloody Valentine, Air (natch), and the Jesus and Mary Chain (who were rockstars when it wasn't cool to be a rockstar). If you have iTunes, they have a pretty cool section of playlists determined by artists. In the iTunes program, go to the music store (you won't have to register or buy anything, I love Apple). Look around, you'll find nifty playlists from people like Thievery Corp,...
Would it be out of the question to think that marc37 is not marc39 - who I haven't seen posts from in awhile? These and others have been some unusual posts... and what's the bosch/geiger-ish avatar?
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