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Brooks Bros. Online has a selection of Golden Fleece shirts on sale, which I figure is not common. I think they're 80-100 USD. Sizing is limited, but if I hadn't been so irresponsible lately    I might pick one up just to try... Sorry to hijack the thread, I know nothing about the ties... (though I'm wearing a normal BB tie right now).
Just from looking, the toe on the C&J pic is more squared or chiseled. But that's just my cursory glance...
Now, I'm not that experienced in the ways of the world, and I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to clothing trends before 1999 or so (when I got to college, had a dress code in h.s.), but I think that's about when I saw a lot of guys begin wearing square toe black shoes, and most seemed to think they were pretty fashion forward. I've always worn completely plain-toe oxford dress shoes or loafers, (certainly nothing board-worthy ), and I think that the square toe is just...
Don't call it a comeback, ernest's been here for years. Ha.  A good laugh at the end of the day. Priceless. Also, I always liked the jersey girl spandex pants, long tshirt, huge belt with gold buckle over tshirt look, it's good to see ernest incorporating it into his own personal style. Well, not in earnest.  
The New Yorker had a great (long) piece on Moore in February. I know I know, I can hear people screaming "liberal media." but it was very detailed, and relatively warts and all (The beginning is a tad congratulatory). Honestly, I liked him a lot more before I read it than after; turns out the right is right, he's an insufferable jerk. I still think he's a funny insufferable jerk with valid points, but that's me. Hope I get to see Fahrenheit 9/11 this week.
From the Ellen McGarrity article: Quote: . Emeka Okafor: ...Too bad he had to ruin it with his lack of fashion sense. There were horizontal stripes on his suit, diagonal stripes on his tie and boxes on his shirt -- way too many patterns. Anyone see any horizontal stripes on the suit? Marc37 could write a better article: "Devin Harris looked dapper, but could benefit from a coffee enema and listening to Napalm Death." I hope she's an intern.
alaaro, Thanks for the opinion; I would definitely like to check out other places around there and around DC that have similar music and a little class. Since I live just a little too far out of the city to casually explore, could you (or anyone else) give me a couple leads? Best regards
Sorry about my misguided advice, it didn't occur to me that it was a lightening of the color, not what I interpreted as yellowing. I can't imagine what could cause that, as long as you don't outsource your laundry. And it certainly doesn't look fixable with further washing. I certainly hope Ricky has some idea, and can replace your shirt.
I was just thinking of the purchases I've made this (calendar) year, and projecting those costs over the rest of the year, and... Let's see, carry the one... Jesus. What the hell am I thinking?. It really adds up. I miss college, when one suit and a handful of ties/shirts augmented a glorious array of two pairs of jeans and a LOT of t-shirts/polos. And to think I was excited I was starting a new job where suit or jacket/tie are required. Ugh, and I need new shoes...
Quote: Plus, RL Polo's last wash after wash. This is the main reason I return to Polo. I had a few Lacostes from a few years back that were waaaay too big, but since they seem to have changed their sizing the new ones fit better. The RL polos may not be made of the same-grade cotton, but neither is made in France or the US anymore, so for me it comes down to the finished product. I prefer RL's collars, and I like the tennis tail (esp. on the custom...
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