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Those shoes are godawful. On the other hand, if you're planning to move to Del Boca Vista, Phase III, definitely get them.
SoCal, I applaud your courage for posting this collection. That said, in my humble opinion, they're all ugly--seriously, seriously ugly--except for the Etro and Stefano Ricci ties in the second block.
A summer wedding on the beach sounds pretty informal, but you still want to look good. This sounds like the perfect occasion for a seersucker suit. I think you may still be able to pick one up at JAB for $97.00. It's a great look. You'll be surprised at how many other guys who see you will compliment the look. Oh, and congratulations.
My son was using Accutane for a while when he was in high school, but stopped because he was developing mood symptoms.
I have to pick just one? That's a tall order, I can't limit myself, so I'll list a few: My Mother the Car Mr. Ed I Love Lucy in all its variations American Idol Star Trek--the original series Okay, I have to admit Star Trek isn't the worst, but looking back on it now, it's really bad--bad acting, bad production values, bad writing. It's a wonder it ever found its audience and led to the good shows (STTNG, DS9) that followed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Well, it's a slightly crappy thing to do without a particular good reason. And there have been only five removed before their terms expired since the beginning of the Reagan administration. Hence the desire to be less than direct. Beyond being a "slightly crappy thing to do", what do you say about firing some prosecutors for not prosecuting Democrats and others for prosecuting Republicans? If it could...
From the photo the two suits look identical, but it's hard to see details in something that dark. I wouldn't worry about having two similar suits in your regular rotation. I would not wear either suit coat as a sports coat--it will be an obvious orphaned suit coat.
It actually is illegal to lie to Congress, under oath or not. It's also a violation of the Code of Professional Responsibility, which could put his license in jeopardy.
So far the most we've gotten out of Alberto Gonzales has been a string of bland assurances that yeah, he's responsible because he's the Attorney General, but he didn't have anything to do with the purge, and he certainly never discussed the firings or had any meetings about it. Now we know that this was a demonstrable lie. The first two paragraphs in the story in today's Times make that perfectly clear: WASHINGTON, March 23 - Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales...
New Posts  All Forums: