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Any season, to fit 30" waist, PM me pics! Also down with shorts. Tights shorts package deal would be killer.
Bought these used, just got delivered, realized I prefer the slims and should probably buy a pair at full price for once. These however are in great condition - have been hemmed to a 30" inseam by previous owner, and do taper from the knee down, unlike the current production runs. 120+s/h continental US or BO
hey, is a chest/shoulder measurement possible?
is this sold?
PM sent
I have not really SF'ed in the past but now I find that I need the services of a UK/London proxy to buy *sigh* these jeans http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/renewal-levis-501+reg-black-tapered-jeans/invt/5422417120010/&bklist=icat,5,shop,mens,menscollections,mrenewal&setlocn=eur&log=4 from...urban outfitters UK. I bought them a long time ago and the ones I had are ripped and unwearable and these are the only place they're sold. Easy online order - pick some up for...
I'm late to the game but are the black muji pants still available? I'll take them if they are
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