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So, I've been a Chan customer for a long time and at a recent fitting with @Limniscate, we decided to alter my existing suits. Partially to do standard things like letting them out a bit.. but mostly because I have pretty straight shoulders and we decided to just remove all the padding in my shoulders all together. We also tried to even out my sides a bit since, when buttoned, there was some pulling due to one of my shoulders being higher than the other.I got them back...
I love how this thread has turned into "let's try to convince OP he is wrong," while OP avoids any comments of of value. Two groups completely talking around each other. My vote is for troll that has gotten us to post dick pics and crotch shots. Bravo.
I second the question. Any word on what you decided on?
Watching - this fabric matches almost exactly what I was looking for a few posts before. I may order some too and for the upcoming June NSM trip to NYC...
I am also in IT sales and I would argue that I work for the greatest firewall vendor in the world. No joke.
I don't know why I didn't think about that. I am having a pair of odd trousers in Smiths Solaro in about this color, might be a good idea to just make a blazersuit of it?I guess I was hoping for a bit of the rumply-ness and cool wearing of the wool silk linen blend. This photo from @Mossrockss that showed up on the SF Tumblr has the same texture and look as my existing ratty Paul Stuart SC... I think this is what I was going for. Looks pretty comfy, especially since I'm...
Howdy- I'm looking for a good wool/silk/linen blend jacketing to do my next SC commission with.. I have thrifted Paul Stuart jacket in a tan herringbone with this makeup but it is starting to get a bit haggard, plus I'm generally switching all my stuff to bespoke anyhow. Any recommendations here? So far, I've seen this from the Harrisons Mirage book - swatch 28412: Something like this - any thoughts on this specific jacketing or other recommendations?
Not a Shoe Shine Sunday post... but does anybody from The Hanger Project know when the Epic Shoe Trees will be restocked in Medium? Just picked up a new pair of EGs and need a shoe tree.
Just got an updated quote.. thinking about maybe getting an appt next time Dino and Mina come to NYC."suit 2300,00 US$ (without fabric)sportcoat 1800,00 US$ (without fabric)trousers 500,00 US$ (without fabric)shirts 380,00 US$ (with fabric)"
Thanks Wurger. I guess it looked kind of burgundy to me, but I'm also a bit colorblind so I'm hardly the authority.I was going to do the dark cherry color that limniscate got but.. I dunno. I like the idea of asking the factory what is possible. Has anyone done that with success?
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