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Oh gosh I wish this was my size. This is the exact model and color I want and not available on this last.. ..If anyone is trying to sell one of these in a UK9 please PM me.
I've ordered a lot from them and I know I'm not the only one in this thread that has... can't speak to the duties though as I don't live in Canada. From what i've heard, it's all over the place.
Both the Superiores and the HU Royal Robusto have been awesome fresh.
I go FOH. Very trustworthy. The Behike is good but I don't think it is worth the price.
Dave good to know - but I mean, for the shitty winter we had last year and for the upcoming, I feel like I need every warmth generator I can find. My existing calfskin and cashmere lined gloves leave much to be desired in the warmth department.
Also curious - what's warmer, rabbit fur lined or cashmere lined? I just checked out Chester Jeffries, and considering that you can get Bespoke for only £20 more I say that's a deal. I noticed Peccary is like £170 extra - holy Hell! Is that really worth the difference?
I'm curious how this story ended. I'm in sales myself and would resent having a sales manager who hasn't been "in the trenches," so to speak.
No problem - that's half of why I posted it. I don't think they have an extra small?
Yeah. Mexican barrel chest and booty/thighs, I lift regularly and I'm fat. Trying to lose weight to get down to 145.. I'm gonna have to return this tomorrow. Oh well.
Yeah, that's why I wanted to see if it was practical to shrink or perhaps there would be a smaller run.I intend to wear whatever cardigan I get as an outer layer.. wearing it unbuttoned kind of goes against the purpose I bought it for, staying warm in the house during the colder months and lounging about.
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