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Thanks everyone, especially Despos - for the advice. My meeting with Chan went well, they keyed in on the sleeve rotation immediately and are also letting out the sides a little bit. There was some other issue with the collar that they said was part of the problem - this is not a surprise because it has always been an issue on every jacket I've had. I did get a delivery of a new SC from the Harrisons Carlo Barbera book and SW Solaro trousers. From the photos I sent...
I called him about two weeks ago, and he confirmed that in terms of production he can't guarantee anything before 2016. Doesn't mean you can't meet for fittings, but I went ahead and it put it off since there is no urgent need for me. My job situation has changed in that I don't really need tailored clothing anymore if I don't want it.
Are these the light cotton pants? What cloth did you end up ordering?
Maybe those pictures don't really show what I was seeing.. here's one that I took before those pictures. Basically, my expectation is that the sleeve would lay flat but it has this big wrinkle at the elbow. It seems more pronounced than before. This fabric is a lightweight dugdale so it wrinkles somewhat easier than my other suits.
Thanks for the reply! FYI Chris I was the guy who called you in Dallas the other day to schedule an appointment - I'll probably wait till things clear up for you towards the end of the year. Just moved out to Dallas about 2 months ago.I'm seeing Patrick from Chan next week in Washington DC, flying out their specifically to get this fixed. I will take a picture when I get home, but the uneveness of the button/buttonhole was one of the problems we were trying to fix out...
So, I've been a Chan customer for a long time and at a recent fitting with @Limniscate, we decided to alter my existing suits. Partially to do standard things like letting them out a bit.. but mostly because I have pretty straight shoulders and we decided to just remove all the padding in my shoulders all together. We also tried to even out my sides a bit since, when buttoned, there was some pulling due to one of my shoulders being higher than the other.I got them back...
I love how this thread has turned into "let's try to convince OP he is wrong," while OP avoids any comments of of value. Two groups completely talking around each other. My vote is for troll that has gotten us to post dick pics and crotch shots. Bravo.
I second the question. Any word on what you decided on?
Watching - this fabric matches almost exactly what I was looking for a few posts before. I may order some too and for the upcoming June NSM trip to NYC...
I am also in IT sales and I would argue that I work for the greatest firewall vendor in the world. No joke.
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