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I second the question. Any word on what you decided on?
Watching - this fabric matches almost exactly what I was looking for a few posts before. I may order some too and for the upcoming June NSM trip to NYC...
I am also in IT sales and I would argue that I work for the greatest firewall vendor in the world. No joke.
I don't know why I didn't think about that. I am having a pair of odd trousers in Smiths Solaro in about this color, might be a good idea to just make a blazersuit of it?I guess I was hoping for a bit of the rumply-ness and cool wearing of the wool silk linen blend. This photo from @Mossrockss that showed up on the SF Tumblr has the same texture and look as my existing ratty Paul Stuart SC... I think this is what I was going for. Looks pretty comfy, especially since I'm...
Howdy- I'm looking for a good wool/silk/linen blend jacketing to do my next SC commission with.. I have thrifted Paul Stuart jacket in a tan herringbone with this makeup but it is starting to get a bit haggard, plus I'm generally switching all my stuff to bespoke anyhow. Any recommendations here? So far, I've seen this from the Harrisons Mirage book - swatch 28412: Something like this - any thoughts on this specific jacketing or other recommendations?
Not a Shoe Shine Sunday post... but does anybody from The Hanger Project know when the Epic Shoe Trees will be restocked in Medium? Just picked up a new pair of EGs and need a shoe tree.
Just got an updated quote.. thinking about maybe getting an appt next time Dino and Mina come to NYC."suit 2300,00 US$ (without fabric)sportcoat 1800,00 US$ (without fabric)trousers 500,00 US$ (without fabric)shirts 380,00 US$ (with fabric)"
Thanks Wurger. I guess it looked kind of burgundy to me, but I'm also a bit colorblind so I'm hardly the authority.I was going to do the dark cherry color that limniscate got but.. I dunno. I like the idea of asking the factory what is possible. Has anyone done that with success?
I know I'm quoting a 9 month old post, but does anyone know what color this is from St C's?I just got measured at The Armoury NYC and want to get a test shoe made but really love this color - I want something in a dark burgundy. Like.. Vintage Rioja from G&G colored
Oh gosh I wish this was my size. This is the exact model and color I want and not available on this last.. ..If anyone is trying to sell one of these in a UK9 please PM me.
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