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There was a thread on this that I posted on back in May and haven't really heard anything back.I have been using Bibbentuckers, but not because I think they do a particularly good job. They are easy to use with drive thru service, same day, and just more polished than some of the cheaper guys. But the actual dry cleaning is meh at best.There is a place called Dee and Hattie's that I've heard good things about but they are expensive as Hell, and I'm not sure they're worth...
My first Saint C's! Mod 529D, in VNA 076. Basically, I told Phillip that I wanted the closest to Vintage Rioja or, like Alden #8 I could find and this is what I ended up getting. Just wanted something basic that I could wear in formal situations. Next two orders will be a chocolate suede captoe with the chevron cap and a light to medium tan blucher in hatch or pebble grain. Still pretty stiff - I added a little cork piece to give me some extra room, but it is...
Well, I ordered a new SC in Glorious Twelfth (Gun Club Check) when Chan came to Dallas this week. I sprung for the basted fitting, so we'll see.Again, a lot of this is on me due to my own weight fluctuations. I had @Limniscate take a picture of my back on the suit I wore to the meeting - my first ever Chan commission that was recently altered. I was actually pleasantly surprisedFYI This is a Smith Woollens Excel 110
Yes, I've definitely encountered that before but I wanted to check to see if this was the normal sizing going forward or if there was some sort of issue with my polo that I should request an exchange. I've loved the 3 that I already own!
Yeah my shrinking didn't really make it much smaller but it did make it a good deal shorter. Luckily, I am short dude myself but the fit kind of reminds me the loose, short midriff baring jerseys that UMiami wore in the early 90s.. Loose around the waist and short.
I just got a new KW polo - the grey with white stripes - in Medium the other day. This is my 3rd polo/rugby purchase from KW, my first being like 3 years ago or more now and the Medium has always been pretty snug on me. This new polo - I am swimming in the medium. I tried washing it to see if it was just because it was new, it shrunk some but it is still pretty outrageously big on me. Has there been a change in the sizing of KW polos to be more generous?
Yeah both of us are on our 4th suit/sc and the back is still not clean.My size has changed significantly throughout that period - but Limniscate's has not.When they come to Dallas next week I am going to order a new SC.. I might ask for a basted fitting which they charge extra for, but my back continues to be messy..
Part of this is because I've changed size so much and this is an altered garment... I'm doing an NSM jacket and look forward to seeing how that back looks. I don't think I could take the heat of canvas on the back, since I live in Dallas now and lightweight is the name of the game - hence the lightweight Dugdale and quarter lining in the jacket.
Got a few suits back from Chan for alteration, and wore one to a wedding this weekend in Ohio. It's important to note that I'm probably 5-10 lbs lighter than I was when the alterations were measured for and 10-15 lbs lighter than when I commissioned the suit originally, so some of the issues are bound to be related to that. The back continues to be confounding - it's a pretty lightweight (9oz?) Dugdale so I know it will never drape like a 12 ounce worsted or a 16 ounce...
I mean, the prices are definitely higher than they were 2 years ago. No question. They don't try to conceal that. Pretty sure W Bill costs more than the Minnis Fresco book, took, even when apples to apples.
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