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any specials for sf members?
Does this last generally run true to UK F width?
Thread title says it all.. looking for lightly used UK size 7 in brown/dark brown.
More angles on the Cheaney here...
I'm in the market for a simple 2 or 3 tie derby shoe in a dark brown/reddish brown shade. My range is around 150-250gbp. So far I'm come up with the Barker Exeter : and Cheaney Newman: How is the quality/price of these particular companies? I noticed that the Cheaneys are "matrix welted" vs trad. Goodyear welting on the Barkers.
do you still have these?
Can someone offer a quick critique of the fit of this suit? Specifically the shoulder area. I have an athletic build so I'm getting those notches at the top of my shoulder. I'll get a chance to post up better pics over the weekend..
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