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The subdials look correct for the 7751. Serviced one in february..edit: checked my pics, MSchott is correct.
Yeah, I'd be worried about long term serviceability of the Universal Geneve. Parts are getting scarce, though they are available. I'm working on a Universal Geneve 281 and it's been problematic. There are some parts I need to replace, but can't, like the barrel and the center wheel is wearing into the main plate so it's going to need a bushing and some extra work. It's going to be costly to service for sure. Sure is a looker though.womw:
not enough to be a problem though I always wear a uniqlo heattech undershirt..
Digging the suede.
Omega Seamaster 300
Worked on this Vintage IWC from '46 last week. Gorgeous movement in a 14k case..
Brand new in box Generic Surplus Hunting Lo white leather - US sz 8.5
Designed by Genta too
I always recommend the Omega Speedmaster for someone looking to purchase their first mechanical watch. If youre not concerned with impressing friends with a nice mechanical then I agree with the previous poster that a nice quartz from a reputable watch brand is a good choice.. Less maintenance and better timekeeping.
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