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Any word on a Benjamin suit in super 120's? I love the Napoli but need a more durable fabric for weekly wear.
Never worn or tailored 38R Benjamin Sartorial Charcoal Granoro fit suit with tags still on it. $400 shipped or make an offer in the local NY/NJ/CT area. $525 retail: - this is for the Classico but measurements appear to be the same. JACKET DETAILS/MEASUREMENTS: Color: Solid charcoal gray Fabric: 100% Super 140's Wool Weight: Year round Model: Slimmer 2-Button Granoro model with notch...
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I don't think warranty is going to cover you dropping it. The movement in the Speedmaster is pretty durable though. I dropped mine from 6 feet and it was running fine after. I serviced it a few months ago and it was running perfectly. If it didn't stop altogether I don't think you "broke" anything serious.
Some Valjoux 72 watchporn.. Supposed to be NOS but I think this one may have been serviced at least once before I got to work on it.
So cool!
Definitely the XL
Fresh out of QC.. Rolex Datejust. The dial is olive green and the diamond hour markers were apparently added on by a jeweler aftermarket.
Lange is so drool worthy Daily beater:
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