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A little late for Black Friday sales now but that is what mail forwarding companies were made for! Half of what I buy is shipped (free or cheaply) to the forwarder in the US and then consolidated and sent on. There has been very, very few retailers who had an issue with an Australian c/c and billing address and US mailing address as it is pretty common now.
I have been very happy with the belts I just received from: from a couple of them, they're very reasonable prices particularly when I compare with some 'Made in China' local purchases. Pretty happy buying from the UK due to saving on the 17.5% VAT + GST here... or is it 20% VAT now.. they keep bloody changing it!
I am trying to identify the make of these boat shoes. The pants are from Normstrom but after hitting up one of there customer service people they can't help. Any ideas?
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