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This is a chesterfield from last fall. Its a size medium and fits tts but isn't a typical slim fit. The current season one retails for £445 on Tres Bien Shop I'm looking for £80. This is 80% off Only flaw is that it is missing the middle button on the front but this can easily be replaced and doesn't matter once the coat is done up.
I will accept offers
ha I only live in the UK and although the weather is bound to be wet its never unbearably cold. Thanks for the info
Would you say its warm enough to wear as a coat in the winter? Its a toss up between this and the Filson Fisherman on End
Although this jacket is a size 6 I would recommend it for a medium as it fits quite small. It was the standout piece from the collection and only 1 was made in this size. I was lucky enough to pick it up from the boutique on the day it arrived. Price is $520 worldwide but I can do $500 in the UK. It is featured in the lookbook and in my opinion the material is far superior to anything put out this season. The quality of the wool is outstanding.
Anyone know if OC sold out of the caramel coloured coat that was on their website a couple of weeks back? I know everyone was hating on it but I quite liked it tbh, bit more original. Looking for a size 5 if anyone has any lead. The boutique didn't have it in when I visited Antwerp last week :'(
AAAAHad this jacket a little while but I have a few similar ones and theres a few purchases I need to make so I'm just looking to get rid of it. Fits like a slim medium but could also be worn by a small depending on the desired fit. 100% wool (doesnt specify what kind). Feel free to ask any questions. Price includes shipping
Got these recently but they fit a little too small and I just cant see myself wearing them on a regular basis because of it. They are practically the same as the Tres Bien Shop x trickers that were released a couple of months back and sold out instantly. Fits True to a UK 10/ US 11 unfortunately I'm more of a UK 10.5 in most shoes but thought I'd give them a...
Japan prices arent a true representation of how things are priced elsewhere. Jackets were priced at something like 90k last fall yet $800 in the US and £460 in the UK. So they will be lower.
Measurements on the schneider please
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