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Quote: Originally Posted by Cashmoney I only go to barbershops. I tell him my number -- I usually get a one or a one-and-a-half -- and read for the five minutes he needs to do his work. I go the House barbershop in the basement of the Rayburn House office building. He charges $14. I give him a $20 and I'm on my way. No muss no fuss. And no attitude and no bullshit. do you work in the rayburn building? when i'm in town i'm there fairly...
any interest in a trade for a pair of evisu japan no1 #2000 blank pockets in 31? currently unhemmed, worn less that 7 days total. i gave them a cold soak and haven't worn them since. they have a very slight amount of fading on the back left pocket from my SDA wallet but very little anywhere else.
I have for sale a set of SExI04BK that are brand new, I've only tried them on once. No soak, no wear they just don't fit me quite how I want them to and like an idiot I let the exchange deadline run out. These are the last pair of size 29s that Self Edge had. They measure ~31 in the waist. Unfortunately my camera is broken so no pictures, but they look exactly as they do on SE's website. I'm asking 300 shipped, get a $10 dollar discount on a pair of brand new jeans....
Yeah, the denim is amazing. I've been wearing them for ~3.5 months and put them through some pretty hard wear. I don't know if they'll survive for more than a year though.
Hey styleforum! Wanted to share some pictures of my eternal 811s.
Wow, whoever you sold that car to for 43k is an idiot.
If you get the Dobbs in your true size you probably won't be able to fit an entire hand into your pocket. I have no idea where they're being carried now though, wish I could help more.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Ok, so it's something you can do for a few minutes, you aren't required to hang on them the whole time until they're dried. correct. I'm actually going to give my eternals a soak pretty soon just to see if I can stretch out their inseam a little bit more.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerx sleeping in them? All that would do is stretch them out, give them weird creases and make them smell funny.
I'd check out Crate James. They're pretty slim and lowrise and have a noticeable bootcut. They also come in dry and selvage.
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