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Hoping to bring mine out this weekend, weather permitting.
There's some indicators. The circular zipper tab always has a small dot on the top part. You could look for inconsistencies in the plaid. Sloppy stitching, compare drawstrings to the legit ones on the barbour site. That being said, it's hard and I even had questions initially about the jacket I had ordered off eBay. It looked really legit based on the photos, I was probably over analyzing it, and turned out to be a perfect purchase. As noted when I made the inquiry here,...
USPS/Canada Post is usually good with US made stuff. I didn't get hit on two separate pairs of Allen Edmonds, bought off ebay, at all. Each were listed around 150 or so, and nothing. It's good to know that Gustin ships USPS for the Canadian customers. Worst case scenario, we're hit with tax.
Mannn, those are going to be really nice shoes.
I received purchased a durham, and have given it as much wear as I can. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and actually at times hoping for rain when I walk my dog. The build in hood is a great part of the coat, and even in heavy wind and rainfall it has stayed in place, kept me dry. I've worn it anyone from 1 to 2 Celsius and rain with a sweatshirt underneath, to 10-15 Celsius and still felt comfortable.In terms of fit/size comparison to the Bedale, I can't give a direct...
How much did duties/brokerage come to when your orders have arrived?
Shame, I would love to match my ranger mocs with that belt. Any chance they'll make an appearance again?
Love the combo.
Thanks guys. Alleviated some of my stress. First thought was that it looked authentic, and hopefully that proves correct when it arrives.
I appreciate your response, as I've been trying to determine whether or not to ask for a refund prior to the seller shipping the item. Everything about the jacket looks great, aside from the one small size tag, which lead to me questioning its authenticity. In some of the other photos, it shows that it has the additional zipper to attach a liner as well. That's something commonly missing in fakes. You're right about this being less likely to be faked than some of the other...
New Posts  All Forums: