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For those with the Okayama Standards and other pairs of Gustin and or raw selvedge in general. Have any of you found the OKayamas shrink a lot more than the others? I bought a pair of 36's from a forum member and they fit more like a 38 Słim pair initially. Unfortunately, they shrank a ton and now fit like the 36 Słim that they're supposed to be and , stretch to a max of 37 inches. I'm considering buying again, but would definitely order the 38's. Just wondering if anyone...
Wondering if this has happened to anyone here. So my Japan 21s shipped on February 1st and I had been keeping an eye on the tracking info. The package seemed to stay in Toronto for a while at the airport, I'm in a suburb of Toronto. Then, it landed in Norway. Lol, I've contacted Gustin and I'm sure they'll deal with it. But it's a pretty odd occurance.
I'm with you guys on the shrinkage. The Heavy American shrinks quite a bit, but stretches back to normal pretty quckly. Didn't lose much length on these. I found the Okayama standard to shrink a ton, and hasnt stretched fully back, but they're still wearable. The Japan Union blue's have also shrunk and lost generally how they looked colour wise after the first wash. But those are pretty light, 11.5 ounces and stretched back really easily.
They're offering 21oz denim today. Just backed it. It's only 115 so this'll probably go fast. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone didn't get the email yet.
The hyperdunks haven't changed much over the years, so these drastically different. A little bit like the Kobe Elite in the heel area. I really like the copper ones, I'd consider picking up a pair when they release.Also noticed that they've switched from Lunar cushioning to Zoom.
loooooll, nice shirt!
I'm specifically talking about the Flyknit lunar2. I have a pair of Air Max Lunar 1's, which are very roomy, the Lunar TR1'sand the Lunarglide 5's are pretty much the size they should be too.
Those look amazing. Am I the only one who found the flyknit lunar's to run really small/narrow?
I can provide an update. I've worn them now about 10 times and like them a lot. The lunar cushion feels great, they're light, grip is solid, and have good ankle support. Only complaint I've heard from someone else who has them is that they aren't as great for guards as they are more so for players who play like big men, (that being said Paul George wears them). They probably don't have the same maneuverability/ flexibility as lets say a KD7, or Kobe shoe. The original...
The denim should always stretch a bit though. The chinos won't. Guess they try to take that into account
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