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The Japan Union Blue's I had ordered back in late January came in yesterday. The colour is quite nice, but a little different from the photos on the site. I would say slightly darker. I took a pic of them and also added a pic with my Okayama Standards and Heavy Americans for comparison, in case anyone is intersted. Don't mind the awful comforter from the guest room. Japan Union Blue: Left. Ok Standard: Top right. Heavy American: Bottom right
People freeze them, or soak them with a bit of woolite dark, and then just wash them if they totally stink and or are soiled. Otherwise, you can spot clean them and throw them in the freezer to deal with them and kill bacteria. That being said, I've never put my jeans in the freezer. I washed mine after two/three months of wear, worn twice weekly.
Sucks that people's items have been delayed, it happened to me on my initial order with them last summer. However, i received confirmation last week that my April order had been shipped. So my experience is that they do send out an email confirmation for shipments. I've also been one of the lucky ones to get my jeans shipped out early.
I had the 2009/2010 hyperdunks for the past 5 years, which were solid for me for indoor. Those were light, and had good traction and ankle support Literally just picked up the 2013 hyperdunks yesterday, and they feel great. Haven't worn them yet, but I'd recommend the hyperdunks in general.
Tried these Air Max Lunar1's on today after seeing them at my local Nike outlet. They were honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn. However, I didn't buy them because I had a more pressing need for some new basketball shoes. Starting to think I made a mistake. Only one left in my uncommon sz 14. Had been considering the Air Max Tavas before coming across these.
I'm not even sure, but on the old community board people once in a while posted that they'd sell their credit. Not sure if there's a way to transfer it, or if you would have to take on someone's account.
Just going to throw this out there. Anyone wth Gustin store credit they're looking to offload? I'm looking for about $120. Have money in my PayPal that don't want to transfer back into canadian then buy with my cc.
I haven't owned their lightlight denim, but they're recommending that because they stretch considerably more than something heavier. I have two pairs of Gustin. One is a 38, and another is marked 36, but measures closer to a 37. I have a 37 on order and would stick with 37 for the lighter denim. In reality they're only going to stretch to what your body requires.
@joshgustin Any idea if the slub16 is ever going to make a return? or was that some limited fabric?
If that's the front of the bag, that's a pretty massive error. I can't imagine anyone could ship that out without noticing, can't get any more obvious than that.
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