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The hyperdunks haven't changed much over the years, so these drastically different. A little bit like the Kobe Elite in the heel area. I really like the copper ones, I'd consider picking up a pair when they release.Also noticed that they've switched from Lunar cushioning to Zoom.
loooooll, nice shirt!
I'm specifically talking about the Flyknit lunar2. I have a pair of Air Max Lunar 1's, which are very roomy, the Lunar TR1'sand the Lunarglide 5's are pretty much the size they should be too.
Those look amazing. Am I the only one who found the flyknit lunar's to run really small/narrow?
I can provide an update. I've worn them now about 10 times and like them a lot. The lunar cushion feels great, they're light, grip is solid, and have good ankle support. Only complaint I've heard from someone else who has them is that they aren't as great for guards as they are more so for players who play like big men, (that being said Paul George wears them). They probably don't have the same maneuverability/ flexibility as lets say a KD7, or Kobe shoe. The original...
The denim should always stretch a bit though. The chinos won't. Guess they try to take that into account
The Japan Union Blue's I had ordered back in late January came in yesterday. The colour is quite nice, but a little different from the photos on the site. I would say slightly darker. I took a pic of them and also added a pic with my Okayama Standards and Heavy Americans for comparison, in case anyone is intersted. Don't mind the awful comforter from the guest room. Japan Union Blue: Left. Ok Standard: Top right. Heavy American: Bottom right
People freeze them, or soak them with a bit of woolite dark, and then just wash them if they totally stink and or are soiled. Otherwise, you can spot clean them and throw them in the freezer to deal with them and kill bacteria. That being said, I've never put my jeans in the freezer. I washed mine after two/three months of wear, worn twice weekly.
Sucks that people's items have been delayed, it happened to me on my initial order with them last summer. However, i received confirmation last week that my April order had been shipped. So my experience is that they do send out an email confirmation for shipments. I've also been one of the lucky ones to get my jeans shipped out early.
I had the 2009/2010 hyperdunks for the past 5 years, which were solid for me for indoor. Those were light, and had good traction and ankle support Literally just picked up the 2013 hyperdunks yesterday, and they feel great. Haven't worn them yet, but I'd recommend the hyperdunks in general.
New Posts  All Forums: