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If that's the front of the bag, that's a pretty massive error. I can't imagine anyone could ship that out without noticing, can't get any more obvious than that.
On a different note, the Horween Dublin leather simple wallet looks quite nice, haven't seen that offered before. I have a pair of Allen Edmonds in what I believe are Dublin leather though quite darker, Rapid City's. Would be nice to pair those with the wallet.
I did as well, got a great pair of Okayama's from someone on the board. I wasn't that active there, but it kept tabs on it. I think it encouraged me to spend, as opposed to discouraged. At the very least, it kept people going to the site for more than just to view product, which I think would further drive sales.
I have a 16 month old son, and he got some kind of stomach bug a few weeks back and was vomiting quite a bit after bed time. I happened to have just gotten home and rushed in to help my wife. I brought all the sheets, sleeper, and other vomit covered stuff to the laundry room. I got some on my jeans and blotted it with a rag, used a little woolite dark and the stain isn't noticeable anymore, nor does it smell. My heavy Americans are considerably darker than the union...
Beautiful. I just sold a pair of Royal/Black Jordan 1's I held onto for about 10 years. Would love to replace those with these.
This thread just became very entertaining. The footwear has never swayed me from wanting to purchasing an item. Not my style, but I can obv imagine how I would rock the jeans.
I think that's some kind of statement that they're told to make when responding to an issue. I had a pair that was cancelled due to quality control, they offered an additional credit, and when I opted to take a pair they already had they just credited me the price difference and didn't follow through with that initial offer. The response was the same "sorry the transaction didn't work out for you" etc, etc. It worked out and I ended up getting the Heavy Americans. But, I...
Yep, and especially now with the weak Canadian dollar. I got a pair of baxter ranger mocs about a year and a half ago. They were $295 I believe, but after customs, and shipping I think they ended up being closer to 400, and the dollar was essentially at par back then. That being said, I'd still love a pair of Clymer boots.
Nope, hang dried. It didn't loose much length, but definitely a bit.
From my experience, my HA's have shrunk quite a bit after being washed in cold water. They stretch back after one wear, but I believe I lost some length on the inseam. I saw someone post on the gustin board that their HA's shrunk even more than their Loomstate unsanforized jeans.
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