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I never really considered the bolded part, but that actually makes a ton of sense. I'm in the Toronto area so many of the clothing companies I order from come from warehouses not too far so I hardly wait for those. So I guess I can pay a little extra and wait a little longer for stuff coming from the states, esp when it's unique or not available here. I think the most painful part is seeing just how cheap the US shipping is in comparison, but that's not Gustin's fault as...
Wow, that thing is really small. It makes that toothpaste look like a Costco sized tube.
They look almost identical. The fact that they're both made in Mauritius doesn't help trying to distinguish between the two. This actually kinda affirms why I like JC Factory. For 20 bucks the non Thomas Mason is a pretty decent shirt/deal. I've had a few of the factory shirts for a few years and they've held up pretty well.Any discernible differences in the construction? I usually find some off threads with my factory stuff, more so than the retail store items.
If that is actually what happened that is horrifying. That being said, I've been on their site a lot, put items in my cart, checked out, and end up not buying the item so many times I can't even count and that hasn't happened to me. I'll keep an eye out though. That's insane, and realllllly awful business practice.And yes, we get gouged in Canada with the prices regardless, as per the poster above.
I'd support a slim straight, although, I'd like the rise to be as high as the straights so maybe we're not on the same page there. The slim fits me well as it is. Hopefully, they're working on another fit in the slim-straight area.
Can't say that I've been to that location. But this article might explain some things. http://www.torontolife.com/style/toronto-shopping/2014/02/07/jcrew-collection-store-bloor-street/
Which location in the Toronto area? Markville Mall? The Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, and Markville Mall locations should all have the same sales. Bloor St. is exempt because it's some kind of boutique, and Vaughan Mills is a Factory Store.
I think I may have seen someone selling something like that on the Gustin community board. All you have to do is sign up, and check it out. A lot of people received 26's that were a little snug, so there could be some for sale kicking around.
I absolutely love these as well. Really solid value for what you pay. Comparable or better quality than jeans I own which retail for a lot more, Nudies, Brooks Bros made in USA, etc. I've had them for a week now, and it's been somewhat cool for a summer in TO, 20-23c, or 70s for the American folk, and I've worn them three times without feeling too hot. They're definitely ideal for fall, winter, spring though. Enjoy em.
They're a new release item, so I don't think anyone has a pair.
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