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I'd support a slim straight, although, I'd like the rise to be as high as the straights so maybe we're not on the same page there. The slim fits me well as it is. Hopefully, they're working on another fit in the slim-straight area.
Can't say that I've been to that location. But this article might explain some things. http://www.torontolife.com/style/toronto-shopping/2014/02/07/jcrew-collection-store-bloor-street/
Which location in the Toronto area? Markville Mall? The Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, and Markville Mall locations should all have the same sales. Bloor St. is exempt because it's some kind of boutique, and Vaughan Mills is a Factory Store.
I think I may have seen someone selling something like that on the Gustin community board. All you have to do is sign up, and check it out. A lot of people received 26's that were a little snug, so there could be some for sale kicking around.
I absolutely love these as well. Really solid value for what you pay. Comparable or better quality than jeans I own which retail for a lot more, Nudies, Brooks Bros made in USA, etc. I've had them for a week now, and it's been somewhat cool for a summer in TO, 20-23c, or 70s for the American folk, and I've worn them three times without feeling too hot. They're definitely ideal for fall, winter, spring though. Enjoy em.
They're a new release item, so I don't think anyone has a pair.
Yep, sounds like they wouldn't work. Just thought i'd throw that out there. Maybe useful for someone else along the line.
Hmm, really liking this new field shirt. I'd be interested to hear more about any static discount available.
I'm very impressed that your Bedale stood up to that kind of weather. I've got other options so I don't think I'd bother testing out my Durham in those conditions, but that's pretty amazing.New AVI btw, had to update it!
Not to throw off your decision, but do you wear any slim fit jeans? I got my first pair of slim fits last week, and find them perfect. They're def not a skinny fit, and pretty reasonable in the rise. Though, they're a little tight in the crotch area, which would ideally be avoided, but the rest of the fit is excellent. I was fortunate that someone convinced me at the Gustin community board that it'd prob be better off with a slim fit. Just thought I'd ask.
New Posts  All Forums: