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Having a 9 month old, I can attest that baby wipes seem to clean everything well, and probably wouldn't be too harmful.
A nice heavy wool sweater worked for me the odd times I used it during colder temps. I tried fleece once and that didn't work in my favour at all. I've heard mixed things about the liners, I'd be interested in trying one out, but not sure it would be that much more effective at keeping me warm than layering.
That's what I was thinking.
So....you ordered he One Six too I see? I'm gonna email them. I feel the exact same way as you. I'm gonna connect with them.
I could manage my size for my order for about a month and a half. My order went in on May 5th, and I can still change my shipping preference as of this evening.There's been some growing pains with quality control and my campaign appears to be paused and even the type of denim I ordered has been changed to something else, not sure if that's just a technical error or what. Looking into that now. But honestly, if it says shipping in a certain month, plan to get them a bit...
I've always wondered about the shipping as well. I mean you can't tell me shipping to a border town like Niagara Falls, Ontario would cost the same as shipping to Brunei. However, there's only domestic and international shipping options. I doubt they're profiting off of it, but they obv taking more of a hit to ship out of the continent than within it. There have definitely been times when I've considered buying something and stopped because of the difference in shipping...
Nice set up there! I've got a couple of pairs of the gap selvedge as well, in both slim and straight. How did you find they compare fit wise to the gustins you have of the same fit? I've got a pair of the One Six that should be here any day, was just wondering what to expect. I especially like the rise of the gap slim selv, hoping it's similar.
Exactly. I have seen the someone post a picture where the shoes they received two different colours and not bourbon and walnut, something even more obviously different. But, the general consensus is that you can often receive a great pair of shoes with minor flaws when buying seconds with the odd blunder here and there.
That's pretty unfortunate. Hopefully they deal with that in some way, either cover your shipping costs, or send you out another pair without having you send those. It's hard being in Sweden and trying to ship those back.
[[SPOILER]] Congrats! I have the same pair, albeit much larger. They haven't gotten as much wear as I'd like in nearly two years that I've owned them, but that's mostly due to our long snowy winter and spring's tendency to turn into summer without much opportunity to rock em. They're great boots though, you should enjoy em.
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