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This didn't get enough love. Really basic fit but the MMM jacket is awesome and fits like a glove.
Why oh why can't toj make raglan shoulders. Would buy in instant at least two different models.
Just received my replacement pair for two year old NS's and I can confirm that the sizing is still the same. Went up one size and they fit perfectly like I expect they would.
Nice fit, although I think some sleek dark boots would make it even better.
Generally speaking I don't like asymmetrical zippers but that Incarnation looks great. It has this little twist without being too gimmickly.
Come one, we are talking about 100$ boots here. Just resole them and you'll be fine.
heh, even after further drop all sizes still available after two months since the sale started.
Beautiful and rare piece from 07 collection. Seen quite a lot of use so there are wear and tear around (in cuffs for example) but it still has a lot of miles in it. There's a rip in left shoulder (see pictures) which I got fixed some years ago and the patch has held up well after that. Great piece but unfortunately it's getting too tight on me. I guess it would suit best for 46 or slim 48. Pictures are bit overexposed, in reality the jacket is matte black. Will trade for...
That sure is one of the best looking julius jackets (or even leather jackets in general) out there. Too bad even size 3 is too slim for me.Someone mentioned before something about dying a leather jacket. Is this really a viable option? I've been eying one light brown RO but dunno what to wear with with. Black would be more versatile but I'm afraid dying will ruin the jacket, let alone the resale value.
I have outgrown 3 pairs of NS within the last two years. Feels bad to turn down pair after pair when fades are just starting to show up
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