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It's definitely more subtle than something from the onion or ridiculing her for being an idiot. I think it's the earnest tone of the article that makes it great, you can tell that she truly did enjoy the place and is happy to have it there. It's cute.
I'm at MBB, what's up?
You can get Brooks Brothers suits usually for around 700-800 dollars (2 for 1500 on sale).
I have a pair of Park Avenues and McAllisters in 12D that fit perfectly, so I think that my foot fits best in a 5 last. I've recently had a hell of a time trying to get a pair of Waldens that feel comfortable. The best luck I've had is with an 11EEE which I think is about as good a fit as I'll be able to get, but it's still not nearly as comfortable as the 5 last. The toe area seems very cramped and it is too wide around the ankle. All this to ask, is there a last for...
I was creeped out by how easy it is to go back to the beginning so I deleted my account (requires you to go through some menus to delete and then not attempt to login for like 2 weeks) and then made another account. I had been meaning to cull my friend list anyway and this way I get a new friend list and fresh start without the ugliness of high school posts haunting me.
That's about Bain Capital, not Bain & Company.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy BMW definitely does not want to be associated with assholes!
Yeah I do, that seemed more for posting whole outfits and getting comments on the items themselves, not so much some college kid worried his pants are too tight.
Haha just what I feared.
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