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Very happy with the Cloud Grey Sport Trainers from Epaulet, definitely helping me kill it for Spring/Summer! Hope to have some more pics soon. Also, just snagged the (last?) 11.5 in the brown Calgary boot... couldn't resist at that sale price I'm new to Epaulet, but I'm loving everything from customer service and interaction, to fit, and sales!
Ha, my buddy rolled something like Taeyang's last summer too. Thanks for the advice, I might try that first one.
Ignore the "myspace" look, this is what I usually look like with short hair and was my go to cut back in High School. Hair at it's medium length stage. And the longest my hair has ever been. I just got into really caring about how I look, but I've always been terrible at hairstyle. I pretty much have been doing the same cut for the past few years and I'd like to try something new. Currently my hair is almost as long as it has ever been and it's ready...
New Posts  All Forums: