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Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Yeah the pants look great! I was thinking of asking too, so thanks for giving us the heads up. They are $70 with an additional 20% off right now so I know I need to score a pair too. edit: how TTS was the waist? waist measures exactly 2'' bigger than tagged size
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Lol, welcome to SF, Dino. You gotta start posting in the WAYWT threads, show em how to steez. thanks, appreciated, but i doubt ill be wasting more time on another message board. plates full for now. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Yeah, because 20th century-inspired workwear was totally derived from shaggy hippies. What? This guy, photographed by Dorothea Lange, rocked his...
Quote: Originally Posted by tooshay I hate the waistcoat and suspenders, but I love the shirt. Shoot me. pow. Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Man, that guy needs a haircut and a shave. i'll be sure to get one of each the day i achieve yuppiedom.
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