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Yes, Zappos says they are leather. And, technically, I'm sure they are. But they look plastic, feel plastic and smell like chemicals.... Having them custom made may be the the only option... Ideally, I was hoping to combine this:...
Thanks for the replies, but I was hoping to find something less rustic. Definitely trying to avoid those leather laces and the rivets on the sides and not looking for a penny loafer either. I might just have to give up on the idea. Anyone else? The one's I linked from Zappos are exactly what I was hoping for, but just not in plastic! Thanks dudes!
Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a brown loafer with a white sole. Think classic sperry topsider but without leather laces everywhere. I tried this from zappos, but it's total crap: http://www.zappos.com/jd-fisk-eli Any ideas? Thanks for any direction you can point me in...
Hate to hijack but I'd be interested in 42R's...
I've signed up for one with a bunch of buddies this coming November. I figure Under Armour Coldgear compression stuff and some type of quck drying skully. Was there any consensus on which running shoes are best? Road Runner puts me in a stability plus shoe but there aren't many trail shoes to pick from. Moreover, they all look like they will weigh a ton when wet. Any advice is greatly appreciated....
I had a similar issue with the Delrays. It took about 15 wears (not kidding) to get them comfortable. I walk alot and dealt with some pain at first, but now they're pretty good.
So what does the Monday crowd think of the new lock? I'm kinda used to the old one, but might keep the new one out of laziness... What's your take?
Nice use of alliteration. Yeah, I think it's still the same brass stamped metal just with a different look. Still trying to decide which I prefer, but I'm leaning towards the one I have.... Here's another pic:
I'm wondering what you guys think of the Field Satchel with Filson's new lock? I just bought this and was surprised to find a totally different lock. Verified with Filson that they've updated to this version. Looks a bit more contemporary I think... Trying decided if I should exchange it for the version with the older lock. What do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's yes Thank you! May you live to be a thousand years old, sir.
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