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Hi There. Has any one heard of these cufflinks or know where I could get them. I bought a pair in Auckland , New Zealand where I live a few years ago but understand they are no longer being made. They are very attractively designed. I check on EBay periodically but have not seen any there. Cheers Stuarts8
Well I have seen quite a number of people roll their FC sleeves up either at functions or at work during the day and leaving the cuff links in so I guess it's fairly common practice. Stuarts8
I do not see why I should wear barrel cuff shirts in summer. In fact all my shirts are French cuff. If I am out at a function and it is hot I should be able to roll my FC shirtsleeves up. Stuarts8
Well I certainly haven`t found this when I leave them in. Also It depends on How far you roll them up. If you roll the sleeves up above the elbow , It shouldn't be a problem and even if you fold the cuff back twice it shouldn't be as well. Push through and Chain Links are even less likely to fall out.Stuarts8
Hi Was wondering if it was OK to do this. I find n Summer that it is more convenient to do this rather than take them out else they might fall out of your pocket . I find it easier to leave them in so that when I roll them down I only have to do them up rather than put them through Both Lots of Holes. With Chain Links this does not matter. I also leave them in. I guess it amounts to personal preference. I`d be interested to know what others do. Cheers stuarts8
I do not believe that French cuffs should only be worn with a suit. It is about how you feel most comfortable. I wear French cuff shirts with Chinos and No Tie. I am very comfortable with this. a Lot of my Friends say Howe good it looks.I agree with the comment about the double sided cufflinks particularly as if I need to roll my sleeves up I do not need to remove the double sided links from the shirt. Have several pairs of double sided links now. Also have push through...
I have cufflinks and Ties from Duchamp. I wear the cufflinks more than the ties. but they are excellent quality and have no problem with them. Stuarts8
You should wear them and wear cufflinks too. I do this frequently and have no problem with not wearing a Jacket and Tie. Stuarts8
Well I think It is perfectly Ok to wear French cuffs without Jacket and Tie. In New Zealand where I come from its very common. Stuarts8
Well my experience has been with some of my shirts that when I am typing the cufflinks bang against the keys. Perhaps one or 2 of the shirts the cuffs are a bit long. But as I have said previously I got around this by undoing the links and folding the cuffs back which eliminated teh problem.I was surprised however that this was the reason given at a store for people not buying French cuff shirts for that reason.Stuarts8
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