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I have cufflinks and Ties from Duchamp. I wear the cufflinks more than the ties. but they are excellent quality and have no problem with them. Stuarts8
You should wear them and wear cufflinks too. I do this frequently and have no problem with not wearing a Jacket and Tie. Stuarts8
Well I think It is perfectly Ok to wear French cuffs without Jacket and Tie. In New Zealand where I come from its very common. Stuarts8
Well my experience has been with some of my shirts that when I am typing the cufflinks bang against the keys. Perhaps one or 2 of the shirts the cuffs are a bit long. But as I have said previously I got around this by undoing the links and folding the cuffs back which eliminated teh problem.I was surprised however that this was the reason given at a store for people not buying French cuff shirts for that reason.Stuarts8
Well , New York Buck, why not try the solution I suggested in my earlier post, that way you can still wear the French cuff shirts without the cufflinks getting in the way?For me it works well. No need to ditch the FC Shirts.Stuarts8
I was in a store this morning ,they told me they were not selling as many French cuff shirts now due to difficulties encountered when using a computer . I expressed the view to the sales clerk , that it would be a pity if French cuff shirts disappeared from sale Just because of this difficulty with the wearing of them while using a computer. I said that Personally I preferred French cuff shirts as compared to button cuff shirts. I explained that what I did to obviate the...
I think it is perfectly OK to wear the French cuff shirt with white collar and cuffs as business Casual . I do it myself. It is nice to be different and not doing what everyone else does.
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design Architect. I do this all the time when I'm marking up or reviewing drawings and I don't want black and red all over my cuffs. Also, I've done this when I'm traveling. I like and have mostly french cuff dress shirts, and the roll makes them more appropriate when you lose the tie and jacket after hours (I did this a lot in Florida, where I wouldn't be switching to a sportcoat for cocktail hour). js4...
I should point out that all my shirts are French cuffs. I do not own any barrel cuff shirts as I do not like them . I am somewhat puzzled as to why some posters think I would look stupid if I leave the Links in when I roll the sleeves up as you cannot see them. Also if you roll the sleeves up enough the links will not fall out. I have never lost any while doing this. Stuarts8
Seasons Greetings all. Just wanted to know if it is ok to wear French cuff shirts with the sleeves rolled up ? If so which method is best , 1. with the cuffs folded back twice. 2 .Rolled up above the elbow. in addition to which I usually leave the cufflinks in If I roll the sleeves up as I find it easier if I need to roll the sleeves down to just fasten the links rather than have to line up the cuffs so I can put the links in. I wonder if others leave their links in when...
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