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Quote: Originally Posted by loreley you are probably right about the armholes a little high... sorry to say that you just might not have the proper physique for this kind of cut? You look somewhat built from the pictures you posted. What a ludicrous thing to say! A MTM suit, no matter what body type it is made for, will look right assuming that the measurements are adjusted so that the wearer is comfortable and mobile in the suit. What do you...
I would say that the Capital last is NOT really a narrow last... I take a 10.5D in most Allen Edmonds, and in the Loake Capital had to size down to a 9F (same with the 024 last) as the 9.5F was much too wide in both.
FWIW these are produced in England despite not being 1880, with everything but the leather being 1880 quality (construction, sole, lining, welt)...
I got these from pediwear. Nice boot, well-constructed, love the Dainite sole. Sadly, the leather is a step down from crap. Their "antiquing" adds up to deep creasing that already looks like it is going to crack any day now. And don't expect much in terms of patina, unless you like the dull waxy look. Overall, I like them for what they are--total beaters that I don't mind scraping, mucking around, and using as general shit-kickers.
One more try: 190 (though at this price you pay paypal fees, these are a real bargain).
FINAL PRICE DROP $200 shipped per pair. cheaper than Gilt prices!
PRICE DROP to $210 per pair shipped from Spain.
PRICE DROP (upon realizing need to replace these with goodyear welted) and PRICED TO MOVE! $223 SHIPPED anywhere.
Lovely A. Testoni wholecuts from their "Basic" line. A bit of an anomaly as my impression was that the "Basic" line was a lower quality line, but alas, these are wholecuts and calfskin. The leather feels soft and supple, yet strong. I bought these some time ago in Spain and decided that they weren't for me. Never worn (tried them on in a carpeted room). I guess I am an old-fashioned Church's-style guy. Though these aren't as pointy as some of those other things I've seen;...
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