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With great sadness, I am letting go of this lovely piece from my "collection" since I have another Barbour that I wear more (the Beaufort is just too handy with kids, especially for loading the back pocket with diapers, food, etc.). This is an interesting piece, as it is a Bedale with two chest pockets (hence my claim that it is "rare". I have seen very few of this particular style) in the motorcycle jacket style The overall condition is good-vintage. Structurally it is...
These Camper boots are practically new, as you can see from the pics. I wore them outdoors once, and never found a place for them in my wardrobe after that, so I am cutting my losses. These were 120€ new, I am asking $50 plus actual shipping costs, paid by PayPal (regular PayPal for your protection and mine!), fees included. I will happily ship to Europe and the US, though please be warned that shipping to the US can take a LONG time (I sold some Cheaneys here once as well...
Everything I ever learned about economics, here on Styleforum .... happy New Year to all!
Bizarre yet logical explanation... I must stop demanding that people be logical in their purchasing, and rather sit atop the promontory like a dandy plopped into a Breugel painting, while the masses eat each other...
Thought I'd feed the Yuketen fetishism by sharing this deal, the Maine Guide DB Chukka for $228: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2382 I've seen them in the B&S for $350 USED, and here you go, with free shipping. I have a nice laugh when SF sellers and FleaBay sellers respond rudely to my "lowball" offers when the price I quote is comparable to actual market prices.
post edited, misread OP!
PS: Before I am lambasted by Spaniards, I regret to inform you that I am myself a Spaniard as well, and therefore am entitled to a healthy degree of cultural-self-hatred. Ahem.
Sounds like an interesting development in Spanish shoemaking. I do, however, get that foreboding sense that they will go the way of most good Spanish manufacturers in which they eschew any marketing and brand development, assume that it is not worth it to pursue a market outside of the neighborhoods of their brick-and-mortar stores, and blame it all on the "Crisi'" (the economic crisis) while drooling, nouveau-riche "pijos" spend 400€ on a shitty,...
Again, a tough call, but sizing up is a good idea, as you can always wear thicker socks if they stretch too much, or if, more likely, the shearling packs down a lot and leaves more room. That being said, mine are breaking in nicely after a few days of using them around the house. Putting them on barefoot is kind of like having your feet enveloped by a warm, woolen vagina (well, not really).
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