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I Had them Custom. My Order Specifications (Pretty Standard): CXL Brown, Antique Brass Eyelets, White Stitching, White Deck Sole, Brown Laces, Unlined. Hopefully they will develop a nice patina like my last pair. (I don't believe they used Chromexcel Leather back then) I tried to match them to my old pair. My only gripe is that my last pair had bright brass eyelets as opposed to the Antiqued brass eyelets. Quoddy does still carry the shiny brass eyelets BUT they are not...
^ Nope, Never
Boat Shoes came in. Very happy with them.
About 5 years of near daily seasonal wear. I swam in them, did yard work in them ect... According the Quoddy, the only thing that kept them from being easily repaired was the tear in the leather on the vamp. The Whole piece would have needed to be replaced. They were still re-soleable when I retired them. Looking forward to my new pair.
It progressed over a few months.
Sadly I had to retire these. Just placed an order for a new pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by vanzdog Big drop today....still free shipping taking offers via pm nice bump
Apologies if this is the wrong place... College Student , No Money , First Suit. Just got back from the tailor, excuse the poor photos. Any criticism would be appreciated. 6'2 , 165 finding a suit was horribly difficult for me.
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