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Hi Kirby, Do you have any thoughts on the maintainence and polishing of ostrich. Which Saphir products would be appropriate? Thanks! Todd
Thank you!
C and J or AS? Or another maker?
Hmmm... Not sure about putting masking tape on them, there are no straight lines on these longwing bluchers. Besides, couldn't masking tape mess up the finish?
I recently received a pair of EG Harrowgate in dark oak/ mink suede. In the past, with my other suede shoes, I have put on a protectant ( Kelly's Water Protector) to keep drops of water from damaging or discoloring the shoes. It says it can be used on leather, but I am not sure I trust it with shoes like this. I plan on using Saphir products for the calf part. How can I protect these shoes? Thank you! Todd
Whoops! Sorry, I didn't see the post RIGHT above mine!
What about Panta? I have the brown, and it is awesome. It is, however, at the lower limit of your wish for width. Ed is great to work with!
Sorry for bringing back this thread, but I was hoping Nick Horween would comment on how to properly maintain Alden Chromexcel 405's. Any advice from the maker regarding polish, etc? Todd
Are you gonna have more pants soon? Pretty please?
Just got my third Panta tie. Ed is great to work with and the ties are amazing. Great Work! Todd
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