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I'm very curious to those above. Why do you feel that SFUrecords and the_denim_vault are good ebay sellers? I don't get it. Is it because they are both posters here? SFU offers stuff $10 below what it was at retail and with pretty vast discrepancy from other sellers. Would you buy his belt here: When you can buy this...
The single versus double is only in reference to Donegal, right? What's the default inverallan in basic colors, single, double, or just a different wool that's set apart from the thickness of Donegal?
Can anyone pass on the product code from the tag of a GBV blue oxford?
Really? The weight on the one on the website isn't listed, so I'm not sure how beefy it is or isn't.The cowboy rinsed buffalo denim shirts people were talking about here were from late 2012. I thought they started out by selling in store only, but then put them online. Did they make a whole new shirt just for online in 8 months or so (but looks essentially the same)?I notice from the 600s of this thread that RandomKorean, El Duderino, Robert (I think), and Pocketsquareguy...
Along the lines of this question, Is the denim western sport shirt listed on the site now for $265 not the same denim western that some people here were buying 6 months or so back?Here's the one from the websiteHere's the one from unionmade, same as the one, I believe, a bunch of you guys were buying not long agoAnyone know if the are the same or different?
You know who else is shady? Denim Vault. Using pics from SF members and RhythmFuk to sell his goods... what a guy.
Has anyone bought the chambray workshirt (the one which comes in pink, grey, blue, has a single chest pocket and BD collar)? If so, how is it, and how is sizing?
Stu00a isn't a RRL vet, just a factory vet. He only started posting here recently. When he realized not long ago that there was a demand for RRL he changed his avatar to a RRL icon and has been posting (often the same question over and over..... and over) in this thread 5 times a day to keep his sell sig visible. I mean, it's just stating the obvious isn't it?
All the shiniest web technology in the world will never save a forum from retarded threads.
Word of caution: lemmywinks has one pair of raw denim and has started 1,000,000 threads. Knowledge is not his forte.
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