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There are a few new arrivals up as a spring preview. Two jackets, a shirt, and a merino hoody. Nothing that I find appealing.
It really varies from shirt to shirt. I have one that fits smaller than JC small, one that fits bigger.But is JC getting bigger with their sizing? 2 years ago, I found XS to be slightly too small in the chest for me. A few weeks ago, I tried again and found it fit well. I didn't shrink during that time.
The rest of the fall line is up now. I'm probably getting a Wax on Blazer, or perhaps Wax on Shirt.
I'm interested in the printed chambray shirt. I'm guessing other people make similar stuff, any suggestions on who else might offer them?
According to the mailing list, it's 2 weeks until the rest of the fall line comes out.
From what I can see on the website, they've made some small redesigns to the confident pants. The front pockets are different, the belt loops are moved a bit, they switched to a zipper fly, and they now have articulated knees. I'm not positive about the fabric, it's the same wool/spandex mix, but I can't be sure if the weight is the same. My guess is it's the same.
I have their chambray blazer. It seems well made, better than other blazers I've seen at a similar or lower price.
The Highline Blazer is interesting. I'm not sure about having a waterproof layer laminated onto wool though. I prefer having more breathability. Yak is a nice fiber, as long as it's not cheap yak. I had a cheap yak sweater and it pilled like crazy, although still not as bad as the Land's End wool sweater I had (I could shave the pills off, and have more within 30 minutes). I like the Confident Pants that I have, but I don't need another pair. I think I'll wait for the...
I have a Riding Jacket, but after seeing the Vice Blazer in person, I'd recommend the Vice. The Riding is all poly, while the Vice is poly/cotton blend. The blend feels and looks a lot nicer. However, the blend doesn't have the same stretch as the poly stuff. My Riding Jacket is small and I can move fine in it, but I have to size up to medium for the Vice or Populous Blazers. I can wear them in small, but they restrict movement a bit. That sizing is a bit odd, since their...
A waxed cotton blazer seems like a nice idea, I'm trying to phase out synthetics and replacing them with waxed cotton or Ventile.
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