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I came across a lovely blazer not long ago- heard it may be made by Isaia, but can't find out for certain. I know they were sold at Neiman and at Bergdorff... Pretty amazing lines, and fabric...
Excellent condition, barely worn, retailed for $725 WAIST 36" INSEAM 31" CONUS, buyer pays shipping.
Hi andrew- which ones are you interested in? All? and were you interested just in purchasing one, or multiple? thx.
I recently came into a large cache of NWOT high end mens blazers, including Kiton, Isaia, Cucinelli, Boglioli, and Piombo. All are 40r, and slim fitting. For those not familiar with Boglioli, you should check out Barney's New York...they occupy a large area on the suit/blazer floor, and have a huge display right beside Isaiah, Kiton and Ralph Lauren Black Label. They are simply stunning, slim fitting, expertly tailored with detailed stitching, comfortable, and use eye...
Can anyone out there tell me how to list pictures in thebody of the thread (the large nice ones) rather then as small thumbnails that new really open in large size and high resolution? Selling scads of items and have nice new pix but no knowledge as to how to proceed. i would be most grateful! Please PM me. Thx! -Hill
This luxury dark blue sport coat is very stylish, with suede elbow patches, and earth color thin stripes. 3 button, dual vented, suede elbow patches, ticket pocket, pick stitching, working surgeons cuffs. Slim fitting, immaculate tailoring. Retailed for $2500. shoulder 17.5 chest 20 sleeve 25.5 length boc 30
Mint condition heather green blazer, perfect for winter, warm, but also supple and soft. Leather buttons. suede elbow patches, and burgundy windowpaining accent this trad. classic. partiallt lined, single vented, 3 button, billows pockets. I was just in the RRL boutique in NYC, and the identical coat (though the RRL version) is selling for $1400. I have way too many of these, and bought it but it will not be worn is Los Angeles-- so- have at it. CONUS, buyer pays actual...
Gorgeous Isaia from Neiman Marcus, 44r peak lapel dark blue blazer / sport coat. black stripes blend in nicely...very form fitting. two button, dual vented, fully lined. retails for $2600. lovely condition. CONUS shoulder: 18.5 sleeve: 24" (2" extra fabric) length boc : 31.3 chest 22"
Gorgeous purple label eyeglass, leather arms, and gold frames. Sold for around $300 eye: 51 mm bridge: 14mm Temple: 140 mm CONUS , buyer pays shipping. They are too small on my big face, dang it!
http://www.ebay.com/itm/301084607689?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 This is a lovely suit. The best part is that is has the look of a worsted wool suit, but is made of cotton- so it breathes. This suit is not fabricated from the type of cotton that wrinkles- but rather is firm and holds its shape. Made in Italy. Flat front trousers, of course, 2 button, double vented. size 42 , 7r i am a size 40 reg and have been wearing it.... jacket: shoulder:...
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