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hi. i have a few ralph lauren polo italy. one is listed here. the other is a blue chalk stripe flannel also a blue flannel chalk strope Batisstoni, and an Oxxford Clothes
ys- by corneliani
Hi Wondering if you would consider trades... Are you still a 38? I have lots of size 40 .. Though also done 38 I may consider trading Thx hill
Yes. This is an exquisite suit. But I lost 20 pounds
Lovely condition, the sleek soft shoulder form fitting cut - retailed for $1800, about $600 more than most blue label suits 100% virgin wool Brown with faint burgundy windowpane Chest- 20.75 Sleeve-26 Length BOC -30 Shoulder 18 Flat front trousers, jacket 3 button single vented cuffed 34/32 Classic--
Jacket: Chest 22" Sleeve 25.75 Shoulder 18.5 Length boc 41" Pants 34/31 2.75" under hem
Inseam is 31" with 2.25" material left under hem
There is 1.5" of additional fabric that I can see, then thr inner sleeve inning covers whatever may remain beneath.
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