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Mint ISAIA 2k blazer European 54, U.S. 44 A small check Prince of Wales plaid in light grey 3 button dual vented Measurements available if you PM me CONUS buyer pays shipping
please PM me to interested in that offr. thanks
suit jacket / blazer: Nwot condition Wool/ cashmere Grey with blue windowpane Working surgeons cuffs Made by Saint Andrews, italy Recent Ticket pocket, double vented , 2 button CONUS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
These pics are of a new larger suit of the same color and model, made by Saint Andrews in Italy I am selling a 42l, without tags, barely worn, and in lovely NWOT condition- a recent suit Grey nailhead, ticket pocket, double vented, working surgeons cuffs- Pleated pants with side tabs i would consider a trade, but I'm now a 38 reg, or perhaps a slim fitting 40r JACKET: sleeve: 25.75 chest:22 shoulder: 19 length BOC:31.25 pants:waist/length: 36/34 Measurements available...
Stunning- were that i was that rich, i could look that rich...
Hi If you ae a serious buyer- are comfortable with the price- and indicate which jackets you like I would be most happy to do so Thx Hill
Great shape. Made in italy by corneliani Polo II MODEL Marked a 40 long but I'm 6 feet and take a reg and it works. Fall/ winter weight tweed, mid brown . A classic worn together or each piece seperately. Thx for looking Shoulder:18.5 Length boc : 30.5 Chest: 20.75 Sleeve:25.75
Forgive the horrid pictures. Better ones coming…. I have a size 42 suit, 2 button cotton, black colored suit, for $195. the suit: note measurement as i had it tailored when i lost weight: it is single vented, 2 button, flat front trousers shoulder: 18.5 sleeve: 25.5 length BOC: 30 Chest: 21 pants: 34.5/ 32
This is my favorute if my large RLBL blazer collection. But I lost weight, alas. It's like a Harris tweed. Heavy and warm. They don't make these like this. anymore Conus Buyer pays shipping. Shoulder 19 Chest 21.75 Sleeve 26 Length boc 32 Working surgeons cuffs Single vented 3 button Soft shoulders, narrow sleeves. A fall classic
Slate suit. Classic fit 3- button, single vented Pleated pants. Traditional , quality suit. PM me if interested shoulder:18.75 length BOC: 30.75 chest: 21 sleeve: 25.5 pants; 33W 32L Conus
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