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All are 2 button, flat front pants , surgeons cuffs All excellent Sleeves around 23.5" with extra fabric Trouser Inseams about 30" with extra fabric The RLBL is dark blue and has side tabs on trousers DOUBLE VENTED It's measurements SOLD!! Shoulder 18.75 Length BOC 30 ChEST 21.5 Sleeve 24 Pants Waist 36 Inseam 31 The peak lapel prada is gray DOUBLE VENTED The notched collar prada is blue gray DOUBLE VENTED The dolce & gabana is black with grey/while pinstripe SINGLE...
EACH in Excellent condition Slim fitting / form fitting Made of wool in Italy Dark blue with pin stripe Double vented 3 button Chest 20.5 Sleeve 25.5 Shoulder 18.3 BOC 30.25 Black with faint pin stripe 2 button Double vented Chest 20.25 Sleeve 25.5 Shoulder 18 BOC 30 CONUS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
Great condition Blazer 40, pants 33 A recent one - bought it on the forum but lost weight 2 button CONUS Buyer pays shipping
Made in Switzerland 3 button Not vented Flat front pants Not cuffed Excellent shape CONUS Buyer pays shipping Pants Waist 32 Inseam 30- 3" under hem Jacket Shoulder 18.25 BOC length 30.5 Chest 40 Sleeve 25.5
Fabulous NWOT condition 3 button Double vented Flat front pants Cuffed Soft and supple Almost has feel of cashmere Jacket Chest 21 BOC length 31 Shoulder 18.75 Sleeve 25 Pants Waist 34 Inseam 30.5 Cuff can be removed to add 3 more inches Width at cuff 8.5 Made in Italy CONUS Buyer pays shipping
I have of them folks The Gucci uniform line is made to the same color (deep Gucci black) and cut specifications of the mainline, but the worsted wool is more resilient as it is meant for repeated wear by Gucci sales force. I can attest to the wonderful styling as I wear mine regularly and it never fails to get compliments This will be your staple black blazer chest 20 Sleeve 25.5 Shoulder 17.3 BOC 28.25
Lovely classic suit, thin fabric, soft hand Two button , double vented, flat front trousers, buttonless cuffs Grey with faint blue white chalk stripe Sleeve 25 Chest 22 BOC 29 Shoulder 18.5
NWOT Mint One is Dark blue And the other is charcoal gray(SOLD) Slim fit Current 2 button double vented Chest: 38 Sleeve: 24 Shoulder: 17 Length BOC: 28.5 Retail $1700
This was my favorite Some day On par with Kiton I've had both and preferred this one Great in craftsmanship and fabric I believe made by Attolini Sadly this is just too big-- A deep green with small check pattern 3/2 Double vented An absolute classic Retailed for over 3k Chest: 21 Shoulder: 18 length BOC: 31 Sleeve: 25 Waist at narrowest : 19 CONUS Buyer pays shipping
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