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I lost weight. Always a source of mixed feelings for a stylish gent (much like the old joke of mixed feelings as exemplified by mother-in-law- driving over a cliff in one's new Mercedes…) Looking for swaps with someone is the opposite boat. RPBL, POLO, Prada, and more.
This is a gorgeous piece. Made of cotton so it breathes in the heat, but the texture closer to worsted wool- so it looks more formal. If you make a serious offer- or wanna trade for a 40 reg (i lost weight) i'm all ears. A standard 42 reg cut- Flat front unheeded trousers, 3 button double vented jacket. i'll get measurements if you are serious. thx
Sorry I don't follow
waist is 18" mint condition!
Well, someone else said he wanted it, but he never paid as of yet-- so if yu want it- yes !
hi. pm me. thx
I came across a lovely blazer not long ago- heard it may be made by Isaia, but can't find out for certain. I know they were sold at Neiman and at Bergdorff... Pretty amazing lines, and fabric...
Excellent condition, barely worn, retailed for $725 WAIST 36" INSEAM 31" CONUS, buyer pays shipping.
Hi andrew- which ones are you interested in? All? and were you interested just in purchasing one, or multiple? thx.
I recently came into a large cache of NWOT high end mens blazers, including Kiton, Isaia, Cucinelli, Boglioli, and Piombo. All are 40r, and slim fitting. For those not familiar with Boglioli, you should check out Barney's New York...they occupy a large area on the suit/blazer floor, and have a huge display right beside Isaiah, Kiton and Ralph Lauren Black Label. They are simply stunning, slim fitting, expertly tailored with detailed stitching, comfortable, and use eye...
New Posts  All Forums: