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Made in Italy Slim fitting sugeons cuffs Two button double vented Chocolate brown Barely ever worn CONUS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
3 pairs Brown slip on Black slip on Black lace up All 3 have been worn sparingly and have ample life remaining! Conus BUTER pays shipping
This is the more fashion forward rand of Paul Stewart Lovely flat front wool trousers Soft hand Side tanks cuffs Inseam presently 30" but cuff can be removed for more 3" extra at waist Retail for $500
2 of them First one: $139 pictures 5-9 SOLD! Made in Italy Surgeons cuffs, working buttons No model listed in tag but resembles Anthony with structured shoulder, slim waist 2 button Double vented Sealed pockets Chest 38" Shoulder 18 Sleeve 24" Length BOC 29.5 Second one: $50 Pictures 1-4 Made in Italy No model listed as tag fell off but resembles Nigel with softer shoulder, slim waist 2 button Double vented Notice discoloration on right sleeve by cuff (Won't dry...
Classic dark pinstripe 3 button Double vented Pleated pants Excellent The best American suit maker Pants Waist 32 Inseam 29 with cuff Can be removed for several extra inches Jacket Chest 20 Sleeve 25 Shoulder 18 BOC LENGTH 31 CONUS Buyer pays shipping
NO catch It's new Mint I'm surprised no one has claimed it Will do ebay tomorrow...
Gorgeous and rare perfect for spring and summer Ideal for weddings Double vented Ticket pocket Flat front pants BUYER PAYS SHIPPING JACKET CHEST 20 SHOULDER 18 SKEEVE 26 BOC 31 PANTS WAIST 32 INSEAM 32 RISE 10 CUFF OPENING 7
Gorgeous Excellent condition Surgeons cuffs 3 button Dual vented BOC 30 Chest 20 Sleeve 25 Shoulders 18 Great deal! conus Buyer pays shipping
RLBL dark navy blazer Wool Double vented 2 button Slim fit BOC 29.5 Chest 20.25 Shoulder 18.5 Sleeve 25 Excellent Model not labeled CONUS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
2 button Single vented Marked European 50 but fits US 42 R Chest 22 Shoulder 18.75 BOC 30.5 Sleeve 25.5 CONUS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
New Posts  All Forums: