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Up with a price reduction. Asking $60 shipped.
RL Polo Fearson in Black Calf, size 11D, Made in Italy, Original box. Only tried on indoors on carpeted surface; marks on insole are from shoe trees. Otherwise, these are brand new. Shoe trees not included. Asking $80 ppd in the cont. USA. I believe these retailed at $335. Check or PayPal preferred. PM if interested.
Just pulled the trigger on 11D's...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris DUDE!!! Caution has now been thrown to the winds. If this deal goes through I owe you big time! I'm an 11D. PM for my mailing address.
Try RLTRUNK. Should be 20% off until 10/31/06. Brings the pre-tax / ship price down to $260.
What was the difference between your normal size and the SF's? Thinking about getting a pair myself... Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I got the SF Tramezza Fervido bit loafers in the mail and I am very happy. The fit is almost spot on (I say "almost" because my right foot is wider than my left so in any RTW shoes the fit is never perfect for me) and I really like the styling. I like that it's a loafer, which gives a casual air, but it's... Given model and size, must have been a special order.
Not my size, but it looks like GVH may have a pair of brown shell Darlton's mismarked as the Marlow. Anyone care to speculate? Could be a nice under-the-radar steal...
I wear an 11 (usually a D, sometimes a C) and the Darlton's fit fine... slightly tight in some areas but nothing out of the ordinary. I do agree that the length may be slightly longer than usual, but not too bad on my foot.
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