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Oh wow good catch, I wonder which is the actual one for sale then...
http://www.endclothing.com/brands/a-p-c/a-p-c-washed-denim-jacket.html Not sure if it's too trendy in general for a denim jacket, but it does seem like a nice versatile piece to have a quality item for..
Basically in mint condition, only worn once and I received them from someone on this site who I believe wore them at most 2-3 times I believe. Bottom line, look at the photos and made the judgement yourself. One of the eyelets has a certain uniqueness, quoting him: "At the time of purchase, I did not notice that one of the eyelets had wear (upper is otherwise pristine). To prevent a tear and protect the leather, I had a single brass eyelet, color-matched to the CP logo,...
Looks great open!
Check out these, I use one and I love it. http://www.superslimmy.com/pages/slimmy-comparison-chart
Good brands/sites to find quality, interesting scarves? Thanks
What are respectable brands for henley's. I think they're great for the winter and layer well but I have trouble finding quality/interesting ones. For example, I have a few from JCrew that are often hit or miss and I rather step the quality/craftsmanship if I buy more. Thanks
that toj is sexy brad, waiting for my all black (but regular leather) version. how often do you wear yours?
Pretty badass jacket, who made it?
Totally agree with this statement, basically if you're not a supermodel with a perfect sense of style that suits this forum then expect to be taken down a notch or two. I guess it's the hope that you post willingly and actually want constructive feedback. Unfortunately people suck at that(aka 'you're bad but here's what you could do to make this work' etc.).
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