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I'm looking for the coat (or at least the type of coat) Aziz Ansari is wearing here: Any help is appreciated thanks!
Fair point! I guess I'm coming from other brands' threads where people are actually a bit critical of quality etc (Everlane comes to mind).Appreciate the advice nonetheless.
What are people's thoughts on Epaulets pants? I've been thinking of adding a tweed pants to my rotation (+ something to go with my shell cordovan alden boots). Quality? Slim fit? I appreciate any thoughts on the topic! Thanks
Can anyone offer a tldr to the current state of ToJ? I've skimmed the pages but I'm not quite sure I understand what has happened. I know for example that they stopped taking new orders a while (year?) ago and that there is a backlog. Is it just a matter of them being really behind and ultimately not as transparent as people would like with pending orders etc? Love their work (and I have 5 jackets from them!) so I'm curious why this has all gone to shit recently.
I'm a big fan of the u necks they made for men, but they stopped making them (I assume consistency issues?). Can anyone recommend another brand of u/scoop at this price point that isn't too 'slutty' haha (reference to another thread on the site for these kind of shirts). I guess some other brands call it a relaxed crew essentially. Thanks (Also if any reps for Everlane peruse this, are U's never coming back??)
Oh wow good catch, I wonder which is the actual one for sale then...
http://www.endclothing.com/brands/a-p-c/a-p-c-washed-denim-jacket.html Not sure if it's too trendy in general for a denim jacket, but it does seem like a nice versatile piece to have a quality item for..
Basically in mint condition, only worn once and I received them from someone on this site who I believe wore them at most 2-3 times I believe. Bottom line, look at the photos and made the judgement yourself. One of the eyelets has a certain uniqueness, quoting him: "At the time of purchase, I did not notice that one of the eyelets had wear (upper is otherwise pristine). To prevent a tear and protect the leather, I had a single brass eyelet, color-matched to the CP logo,...
Looks great open!
Check out these, I use one and I love it. http://www.superslimmy.com/pages/slimmy-comparison-chart
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