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All, The heels on my Carmina shell loafers have worn down to the leather (ie past the rubber), so I'm in need of a trustworthy cobbler to repair them. I'm currently based in Hong Kong. Can anyone recommend a good cobbler? I've searched the forum archives, but haven't found any recent and strong recommendations. Many thanks in advance.
I've made a number of shirts from Practical Tailor. Reasonable prices and I'm satisfied with the fit. Also fairly affable chaps.
I'm based in Hong Kong, and recently commissioned a blazer from WW Chan. Not knowing any better, I didn't specify that I wanted to work with Patrick, and so I have been working with Dik Lam instead. Dropped by the other day for my first fitting (which was not basted, for some reason), and was reasonably satisfied with what I got. But having read all of the positive opinions about Patrick on this thread, I'm wondering: for my next commission, should I ask for Patrick...
Very nice. What did you use to polish them?
I'm a lawyer working in Singapore. 1. You must wear a black suit, black shoes and a white dress shirt to court. You should also own a tie that is as black and as sober as you can find. 2. It's a pity that Iris is out of your budget. Isetan occasionally holds sales for Boss suits at their branch in Lido. Alternatively, get a cheap suit from any of the tailors you mentioned to tide you over until you can get something better. 3. I've had good experiences with...
I've been told that shell is considered less formal compared to calfskin. Not sure how widespread this view is, but something to bear in mind.
Picked up a pair of LWBs, shell, #8, from the Alden shop in NYC, and was told by the salesperson that the shoes had been polished after being tried on by another customer, and that there was a build up of polish (Kiwi cordovan) on the shoes as a result. He gave me a small discount on the shoes, and threw in a tin of the same Kiwi cordovan polish. What's the best way to remove the build up of polish? It isn't too obvious, but it just means that the shoes don't really shine...
A little tight, I meant.
I have bought a pair of Herring churchhills. I think this is from their premier range. The leather has softened and stretched slightly, which is a relief, because the shots were a little right when I first got them. Quality wise, I think they're fairly good value, and they have excellent customer service.
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