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Up for sale! A pair of PRISM London's in the Dark Tortoise shell colorway. Glasses are in perfect, original condition and lenses were never changed, always kept in dust bag and hard case for as long as I've owned them. Originally sell for £210.00 or $346 USD
Im selling a pair of APC New Standard in Size 29, the denim are the Selvedge Indigo colorway. They were purchased at Stel's in Boston in the summer of 2009 and worn 5 times, only to special occasions. Were always stored on a hanger after every wear, they are in immaculate condition with only a slight amount of honeycombing on the back of the knees and wear on the left back pocket Never Soaked / Washed/ Hemmed - Original condition
A very lightly worn pair of APC New Standards, purchased at Stel's in Boston in 2009. Worn 5 times, only on special occassions. They are too big for me and the pair is not worn enough to trade in through the Butler Series exchange.
WTS / WTT - APC NS 29. Bought them last year at Stel's in Boston and wore them about 5 times, only on special occasions or holidays. They are just too baggy for my liking. They are in immaculate condition with a little bit of back left pocket wear from my wallet and slight honeycombing behind knees. I'd be willing to trade for APC NS Size 28 in Indigo or Indigo PS Size 28, or sell for $130. Best, D.
You should try and locate a bottle of Southern Tier Creme Brulee Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Stopped to have just one. Imperial Creme Brûlée Java Stout Dark coffee notes. Pretty intense flavors. Can definitely taste the vanilla notes. Very good, but if it were a touch sweeter, I'd be in heaven.
If these were the Havana colorway, I'd be all over them. Super's are incredible. BUMP
I bought this pair of 29 A.P.C New Standards from Stel's in Boston, summer of 2009. I've worn them 4 times but only wore them on special occasions, so I was extremely cautious. Never soaked, never washed, slight creasing on lap and behind knees and a little bit of pocket fading. Looking to TRADE these for a pair of Size 28 A.P.C New Standards in very similar / new condition. Pictures HERE, they were too big for StyleForum
You still have those Shades of Greige Tees?
what's the inseam on the unis jeans?
What's the word on the black pair? Still interested. Let me know
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