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Thanks, and I already tried that.. and he says he measured them accurately... incredible. Watch out for that guy.
I just purchased these from this member's ad here: The bottom 3 pics in his ad are actual pics. The jeans are tagged 33x34. Actual measurements are close to that. This member "AllAreCommon" said that the actual measurements were "waist 35, inseam 35" (as seen in his ad) They are not even close to that!! I don't know what/if there is anything I can do about this member fraudulently representing these but I am...
"So it isn't just me. I've been wondering why almost every thread is either XS or S." LOL, nope not just you rig510! I think I am going to have to be put on slide's short list for when he cleans out more of his closet. That cruiser jacket is looking good..
you have pm!
You've got pm
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Sold the trucker jacket L and bought the 5165L with the proceeds plus $25. If anyone's interested I can post pics when it arrives. That would be cool.. I am thinking of doing the same thing. XL in this "vintage 67 fit" is just too snug for me. I have the overdye black trucker jacket in XL (same '67 cut).. but wish it was 2XL. It fits, but the minute i put my hand up on the steering wheel to drive.. it...
Marineabilly- Did you receive your 514's? I checked out your blog, very cool!! Now I have a ton of questions about how to find a good pair of engineer boots! lol
Regarding the 505's... I have been on a quest for the perfect fitting levi's for some time now, and have learned a few things. The 505's do not have the built in "forward tilt" that the 501's have. I think that is the reason many of us say they fit differently when you try to compare them to your 501's. From what I remember, the cut is level across the top. I think i am going to order a pair of those 514's.. I have more of an athletic build.. and have to get a 36...
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