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Nothing super special but I like them... I found a pair of mint AE Chesters at the same GW that I found the J.Crew Giffords:
I've got 100ML of Byredo's Fantastic Man en route to my house as I type.
Had a pretty good haul today, both my size and both for $10 each. Mezlan double monk "Dublin" J. Crew Gifford wingtip
Quote: Originally Posted by needler Retin A is where it's at. Practically every other "skin care" product has zero evidence showing that it does anything. Retinoids have been shown to not only improve skin appearance but slow and reverse aging effects. Drawbacks are that it increases sun sensitivity and for the first month or so you can get skin redness if you get the generic (non-delayed release) formulation. Did I mention generic tretinoin is...
58 and rainy today,... enjoyed the YSL Kouros body all day.
Nothing too impressive but I found some mint heritage fit Penguin Polos and a nice Corduroy Dior jacket recently.
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