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Can I please trouble you guys for some help in identifying these shoes? Thank you in advance! Tanino Crisci - E 122240 10.5D
Quote: Originally Posted by s0rce maybe modern tailor can make you one MTM +1 just speak with your tailor or your custom shirt maker. They will surely be able to craft one for you.
Camp Collar:
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD I was scrolling down these photos quite slowly. Running commentary for this guy: "Handsome chap... hey, grey, black and white... nice to see the Thom Browne look on someone who doesn't look like a stylist's catamite... hmm jacket's a touch tight... blimey, bloody short too - and far too much cuff! WTF is going on with the low-slung trousers?...well, whaddya know, a handbag. I suppose it can't get any worse... JESUS...
Byredo Fantastic man and Byredo Green.
It was a warm pool day today so I decided to wear Byredo Green.
Quote: Originally Posted by MacDaddy Did they look like this? AHAHA! That's GOLD!
Quote: Originally Posted by Love the flooring!
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