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Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer ^^ Spyderco in right front pocket? Close,... Benchmade 2550
Here are a few pics of my J.Crew Cafe racer jacket. It's got about 12 years of wear on it and I love every inch of it.
Found this stashed in the back today at GoodWill $40 for a mint, perfectly working 20in LG flat panel <- it's the one of the right.
Munsingwear classic fit
Looking for some daily/bi-daily/weekly updated websites and or blogs that other users find interesting. Here are some of the ones that I check regularly: SF of course More lifestyle with a dash of Style:
Had a good run today: Johnston and Murphy Wingtip: Vintage Dior Tie: Major score for me -- "made in France" Glenn Plaid YSL Jacket -- Sending it to the tailor tomorrow to get the sleeves shortened and the Jacket taken in:
I know that this might be a tough request but,... I'm looking to buy a New or Used Nudie Gunnar denim shirt - looks like the one posted below: Please IM me or post here with your asking price. Thanks in advance - John
Sorry - wrong forum. Please delete.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Perhaps. I would try contacting the company directly. Tanino Criscis don't seem to garner much attention on Style Forum. Thanks Stazy, I'll give that a shot.
Thanks. I've viewed the past collections but didn't find them. I suspect that they may have been pre 2002?
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