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Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 It's legit. Solid traditional shirt. 80s or 90s US licensee with no style connection to the current fashion line. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.
Found this shirt the other day but am not sure if its a faker or not. I read that Burberry's changed their labels to just Burberry about 9 years ago and that they had USA manufacturer but still wondered if this was legit. Either way it doesn't really matter because if fits like it was made for me so whatever. thoughts}?
Quote: Originally Posted by + theom KMW 1980 1 year w/ home repairs So sick!
^^ IIRC, Justin discontinued the "combat boot" a number of years ago; the above pair is about 10+ years old. However, they offer a similar style in their roper line but i'm not sure how they compare.
New soles on my Justin combat boots:
Anyone ever heard of Anthony Reed brand shoes? I just picked these up second hand but am unable to locate any details on them or the brand. Thanks in advance.
2006 Lancer Evolution SLS
Quote: Originally Posted by KeepItCln Considering swapping the laces for brown. Any one know where to purchase? Much appreciated. How do you keep the crepe so clean?? Mine are all black and gnarly.
Had a good haul yesterday: NWOT Christian Dior casual button down; made in France Vintage looking Lacoste cardigan white w/black buttons will post pics later.
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