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My beeswax sans crepe soles:
Pocket squares
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja ^ Bed frame? haha, no. It's a Yakima roof rack with 2 Raptor bike holders - retail for this setup would be like $400+
Found this today for $25!!
I thought about getting the AT0200 but settled on the BM8180. Here is mine with a NATO: I would also like to second the Nighthawk as a sporty alternative. However, the Nighthawk is a beefy watch in both weight and case diameter (almost 43mm). I would recommend trying one on to see how if feels on and fits your wrist.
Citizen BM8180-03E w/J.Crew royal blue NATO:
Raw Selvage Knit Ties Wingtips/Longwings/Double Monks -- really a sartorialist thing, I guess. Cordovan pocket squares/lapel accents Color/texture combinations I spend more time in thrift stores than ever now and thanks to this site I now have a better knowledge of what brands/labels to see and which ones to discard.
I've been on the hunt for a cable knit all winter and have finally found one in my size! Mint Blumarine Uomo cable in cream for $5:
Are you a blind person? If so, just pick any pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 Maui Jim Oliver Peoples Super Mosley Tribes Quoted for Super - awesome quality optics and frames to boot. I have a pair of the flat tops and absolutely love them!
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