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Love the old manual timex watches. I've got the rare gray dial version:
For an afternoon snack; hit up Ino in the West Village and get an order, or two of the Truffled Eggs toast and a glass of their Montepulciano. Hit up Prosperity Dumpling in China Town - get the dumplings and a few pancake sandwiches.
Super happy when I found this today as I've been on the search for Eames era furniture forever! Check out the original date of purchase: Anyway, it's a Knoll Pollock sold in 1984. The chair is in perfect condition but the padding needs a good cleaning... Still super happy with it, especially because I only paid $5.
Found 2 pairs of Sheppard-Hanover Cordovan PTBs today
Found this the other day @ 50% off Fits me like a glove to boot! Gino Valentino. functional cuffs:
Good or bad?
Yay or nay on this combo?:
Beater pair of Dockers BS with upgrades; Friendship camo cord laces, oiled and off-white painted soles:
$5.99 - Vintage black motion Swatch automatic Very happy with this find: $12.99 on a 50% off day , Stouby from Copenhagen black leather recliner w/footstool. Beautiful piece, with teak feet and is super comfortable.
Vintage A-2 Oakwood Lambskin bomber found today. Just look at that patina: Florsheim Imperial loafers polished up nicely:
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