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Personal score today!!! I'd been on the lookout for a varsity jacket for some time now but I never expected to find one that fits perfect and that I'd actually pay retail pricing for (eh, not really - $500+). Dehen 1920 black/black sans team icons in minty condition. And to think, it was one of those, "eh, lets see if they have anything new type of a pit stop"!
Converse-S are boss for the cost. I'm on week 4 and they're breaking in nicely.
Found a really nice messenger bag made by Gabahn in NYC. Couldn't find much about the company so it may be a vintage piece:
Found a great rigid leather bag yesterday:
Not a bad little haul today,... I know they're played out but I found a bunch of old nylon straps, a bush strap and a pair of Ray Ban 5024s!
6 months of wear. 1 hot soak + 1 wash.
Found an awesome bag today:
I'm on a watch-roll this month! Had the itch to do a late-night thrift run and came across this little gem @ $9.99 Vintage Longines-Wittnauer: Still running smooth and accurate. Love!
Got the Medana back from service; COA and new crystal. Watch looks great for a 60+ old swiss!
I'm really into vintage watches so this is a HUGE score for me!! WWII era Swiss made Medana 7 jewel manual: Keeps perfect time and has tons of patina!
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