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Ok I have received the John Lobb. Brand new, no default, no R or S rated. I'll post pictures.
Thank you, actually I am the lucky one. Looks like Yoox is selling its item worldwide. If you're interested I'll post pictures, just let me know.And I confirm the price I paid around 158€ for these williams.
Quote: Originally Posted by themaskedcorndog could be that a lurker saved his post in a notepad/textedit document and is being helpful. viral marketing would be a lot less sloppy, i feel. Smarter move . I found it in the cache of google and so copy it for all of you guys since you liked it. No viral marketing or so what, i really don't care about that.
Starting my first post off right. After much research and many long nights of forum scanning I have purchased a couple of pairs of casual boots. My criteria were for the boot to be comfortable, durable and stylish without being overly faddish. Something that would fit my job's business casual dress code, as well as, a night out with the wife for dinner and a movie. I choose the Wolverine 1000 mile boot, the Wolverine Montgomery and the Redwing Beckman. Short version of...
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