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Ah shit- sorry man. Deleted.
I asked for a few customizations, for instance the lapel is slightly larger than the original, it has larger buttons, and the leather accents are brown vs the black in the product listing. I don't believe that should have affected the shoulder roping so I think it may be an aesthetic choice.That's good to know, thank you!
Hi everyone, Hoping you can provide some guidance - I purchased a luxire peacoat and just received it today. It's everything I thought it would be and more. Am surprised at how well it fits considering this is my first go-around at online MTM but unfortunately there is one problem with the fit - As evidenced the shoulder seam has a bit of a point that gives the illusion I'm wearing shoulder pads - can anyone explain the root cause of this problem and if this is...
Any update on winter coats potentially entering the mix? I've outgrown my ToJ peacoat and would love to give my business first and foremost to you guys! Thanks.
Hi there, I sent you a PM about the availability of this coat. Thanks.
PM'd you.
Can I get p2p measurements on this?
Do you still have this?
Q: Could I take out the lenses from just regular ol' sunglasses and make them prescription eyeglasses?
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