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Anyone know where I can find a Meistersinger in NYC. I'm in love with this Singulator:
A+ seller, received shoes withing three weeks. This was my second pair, and i will be purchasing more. Thanks allaboutshoes!
Hey allaboutshoes, looking for a pair of Black Fifth Avenues in a 10.5 C. Do you have?
Ordered my black park avenues last Monday, got them today. A+ seller.
I appreciate all of your responses. I put in an order for a pair of black park avenues yesterday. It's a good thing I went to the store to try them on because I am normally a 10D, but got fitted for an 11C which fit very nicely. Thanks again.
Thank you all for your responses. I'm not really concerned with what others think about my footwear I just like a clean and classy look. I'm simply not a fan of dusty, dull, creased shoes. Since my KC's have never really stood the test of time (except for one pair that I still wear) I wanted something that would not burn out the soles as quickly and crease. Also, I'm just not a fan of loafers. I find them to be more of a seasoned gentleman's shoe. I'll stay away...
Long time browser, first time poster. I'll be starting my Finance job on Wall Street this summer and while I believe I have all the other necessary items (i.e.: charcoal and navy Brooks Fitzgerald suits among others), I need a new pair of shoes. I've always purchased Kenneth Cole's (which after reading here I've learned is a no-no) and have grown fond of BBs style so I'm looking at their shoes. I want to know, what are the major differences between calf skin leather...
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