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his beard is naturally patchy. if your is not your closest bet is shaving with a beard hair trimmer with a number 2 guard on it. I just use a trimmer without a guard and it offers a rugged look
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Busy weekend, but managed a wander along the creek on Saturday. Finally warm enough to break out the linen and white jeans: Linen SC: M&S collezione OBDC Shirt: Boden Jeans: Levi 501 Chukkas: CT/Loake Kempton PS: Drakes hey everyone I am new on here, so please excuse any dumb questions. so, what kind of belt is this cat wearing?
goodevening, Do any of you know where one can find a bag LIKE those sold by saddleback leather? or those of the same design? or the other attached? This is more of a financial question, saddleback briefcases are amazingly nice, but $500 is far to costly.
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