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does the brown briefcase actually look this brown?.. meaning is it due to lighting or is it this color? thanks, see link
Im interested in purchasing a belt from Tanner goods. what do they look like as they are broken in? what does the "Havana" colour look like? any pics? Do you recommend? thanks
if anyone is interested in selling please let me know thanks!
I smoked for 9 years... and Im only 25, lol. I quit using an RX called Champix, It was really effective but you need will power. I did that and started running and have been smoke free for a year now. good luck
how does one contact this scott cat? where can I see some samples? looking for a belt to match my clarks yet look rugged and this dude has the style im aiming for
I am planning on purchasing one but I am stuck between the tan and the brown... I like the brown, but it just doesnt really go with anything
that is brown, I am looking for tan. thank you anyway
if anyone is parting with one please let me know! thanks!
do you cats feel that it is an acceptable briefcase for a young professional? the other company i have been looking at is customhide... sadly sadddleback is far out of my price range
Im looking to purchase a filson bag to act as a briefcase. I am unsure how I feel about the actual briefcase, but what do you guys theink of the small carryon and the medium field bag? can either of these 2 act effectively as briefcases? here is a link that shows the exact 3 in question.
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