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I want to buy one, but they make me look gay, lol. Think I may end up grabbing one i saw at h&m if I can bulk up more
I didnt wear them all summer and noticed today when I pulled them out, they never seemed that dirty before, whatever. guess they will survive regardless. though I am going to say uncle to simmer the sarcasm, lol.
the leather has aged nicely, but the sole looks perma dirty, wasnt sure that was the plan. whatever then, thanks for the info.
any ideas? mine have turned blackish from dirt, looks gross. thanks!
does anyone know what to tell my barber/hairdresser in order to get this style>? thanks
revamping, lol. does anyone know if the woman at studio kim would be able to suggest alterations on a OTR suit? ie, needs slimmer and hem let out, but will she know this by looking at how it fits? thanks!
any reviews on Jcrew straight leg jeans? u guys may hate my choice in denim, but the best fit and style I ever had was martin and osa stright leg. Hows the quality? does it shrink or get looser? sized big or small? thanks, sorry this may be posted, but the thread is huge and I cant read through all of it.
I've been looking at jcrew denim and need some thoughts on it. You guys on here will hate me for this but my best fitting jeans were straight leg jeans from martin and osa. Hows the jcrew straight leg jeans fit? shrink/ get looser? shit quality? thanks in advance!
start balding. hair length same all over. then make a faux hawk with putty or some shit...
trying to decide between the filson 1 1/2 briddle leather belt or the tanner goods natural belt. Does anyone have any experiences? specifically with the filson, there is lots of tanner info, but need a comparison thanks!
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