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Anymore info on Ventille? I'm not familiar with it.
I believe they used beeswax on that instead of their thorn proof dressing. They've done a few with it. It's a stiffer wax. Something like a bar of Otter wax would probably do the job.
I have the older TOKITO version, which had a thin cotton tartan lining.I still get really sweaty in mine. The issue is, there is a poly lining between the waxed cotton and the interior, tartan lining, that acts as an additional barrier for water and wax.I discovered it after my pocket knife put a little hole in the tartan, but didn't really realize what it was until someone mentioned removing theirs so they'd stop sweating so much. I'm curious though if perhaps Barbour...
Anyone ever have their zipper replaced? The bottom tooth snagged on one of mine, and is no more. But it's not the typical polished brass zipper, but a darker one. I emailed Repairs and they weren't sure they had it. Anyone ever get a non-standard zipper replaced?
What's the consensus on whether or not Barbour will still service items that have received modification/alteration by non-Barbour tailors? I've thought about having some work done on my To Ki To, work that Barbour USA itself won't or can't do, but was always a little worried that, if I did, they wouldn't take it back for rewaxings. Edit: Additionally--and you'll have to forgive me if this isn't the right place to do this, I haven't been on the boards in a while--I'm...
I'm having some trouble figuring out if Levi's Made & Crafted are vanity sized. A seller on eBay has the Thumb Tack in 30 waist, and the (regular Levi's) selvedge 522 in a 31. I'm actually pretty interested in both fits. He's making it sound a little like either will fit me, but that doesn't sound right to me. Most of what I can find online seems to indicate that M&C is only slightly vanity sized, and after trying on some 522s yesterday, they seemed like regular Levi's...
Waist and leg opening measurements?
They're pretty great jeans, especially for the price (they used to be more...not sure why they're so cheap now). I've had my pair about a year and a half I guess. Probably my favorite jeans atm. The color is pretty great too. http://www.luthersdenim.com/ Anyway, after doing a search I didn't see much about them on here.
Eh.I might think twice if they were patterned, but plain? I do white cotton with white cotton all the time, not sure why I wouldn't do light blue with light blue.
I've recently seen the choice of wearing a handkerchief that matches one's shirt, and it's not a bad idea. Obviously everyone used to do it with white, but what I saw was a baby blue pairing that made it obvious it was intentional. Is it common? I suppose an added benefit is that they can make the handker to the exact size needed to fold easily into whatever size your breast pockets are.
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