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Now I'm trying to identify that coat he's wearing in the bottom picture.
...aren't very--actually, these aren't that bad. http://www.redwingshoes.com/red-wing-shoe/8701-red-wing-shoes/8701-red-wing-mens-oxford-black I'm looking for a pair, preferably plain toe, that don't look like clown shoes. Any suggestions?
They almost look like waxed cotton pants. The stitching on the bottom makes me wonder..any idea what that's called?
Naked and Famous just came out with some.
Are these jeans?
They aren't really all that stf, despite being unsanforized, due to the heat press they give them. They shouldn't shrink more than an inch. I like the fit though.
Barney's. Those waxed ones are an exclusive.
Nice. Thanks. I've never actually tried n&f and have been too afraid I'd order the wrong size. I should probably go one or two up from Levis, huh?
How's the sizing?i haven't found a chart.
Poor Naked and Famous--they give Barney's an exclusive and Barney's can't even advertise it correctly.
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