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I ended up going with the 9s. Though they felt a little loose, (small amount of heel slip before I really tightened them,) I could hardly get my feet into the 8.5s. The 9s will let me put insoles in like I'd been planning, though I may not need them because the soles are a very soft, coushy rubber. The leather itself is a little thinner than I'd hoped, less sturdy, but that means they're comfortable out of the box and less likely to give me blisters while breaking them...
Was also made in green and in a brown poly.
I have a link somewhere to a guy in some youtube thing wearing the driving jacket. I'll see if I can dig it up.
The poly midlayer, if we're talking about the same thing, is present on the sports jacket, not the driving. The driving jacket has a comfortable quilted lining on the torso and the acetate (?) lining on the sleeves. It also has a sort of belt to keep the lining closed.The sports jacket is very tight in the shoulders, chest, and back. I have a medium, wear a 38R generally, and it didn't take long before I tore off one of the buttons while leaning over in the car.The Driving...
Yes and no to the pracricality.The Bond jacket can get away with being a sports jacket in most settings. The Driving jacket has a lower yoke, like a 90's jacket, and the pockets are rather roomier.The lining is not removable, but it only covers the back and chest; the sleeves are loosely lined with (I think) acetate, with storm cuffs of their own. Of note on the sports jacket is an inner lining of some kind of poly between the inner tartan and waxed cotton outer shell,...
Oh. Excellent. Thanks.
Gotcha. Thank you.
There have been quite a few of them over the years, and Barbour has co-opted a lot of details for inspiration in other pieces (the Dragh and Dock jackets come to mind) for non-Tokito branded pieces.The one you're describing sounds like the tokito Driving Jacket.
Thanks. I'll probably do that. I'm going to be using them for work, and I spend quite a lot of time on my feet every day, so I'm now considering getting very thick insoles for them, so trial and error might be best.Is Nordstrom Rack's return policy really as simple and clean as it sounds? There's a location near me that I can take the returning pair to.
Hope you won't mind me asking this in this thread. Anyone familliar with Wolverine's Percy boot? I'm wanting to order a pair, but it's lined, unlike the 1000 Miles. Should I size up half a size from my 1k Miles size, or keep it the same? Generally I'd think so, but I tried on another pair of lined Wolverines and still took the same size as I would in 1k Miles.
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