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Half. Why?
Let me know how it goes! I may be interested in purchasing them.
I think I understand you. It sounds like something that stretching should take care of. Cobblers will often do it, or they make simple devices you can do it yourself with; they look kind of like shoe trees, but have pegs that attach where you need the leather to stretch.I generally have a lot of pressure along the tendon of my big toe with new shoes and boots, but that generally subsides after wearing them enough (I'm too stubborn to stretch them).Again though, I don't...
I've been hunting for a pair of red cores for months. I managed to miss the Frank & Oak collab edition of them, somehow. Anyone have any leads? Size range is 29-31.
I don't have the Stow, so I may be wrong. Generally though, fit issues like that are solved with a simple stretching, or just toughing it out until you break them in through wear. It could also be a width issue. Does it feel constricted at the side of the toe, or just the top (and when you say "top," do you mean the part facing up, or the part facing forward)?I bought a pair of boots in a 9.5 US once which felt a little tight, had a pretty brutal break-in period, but now...
Actual crepe can, but that does look pretty extreme. Crepe is actually pretty infamous for turning dirty rather fast.Imitation crepe, which is more slip resistant, doesn't seem to hold on to dirt as noticeably.
Are you referring to the Bourton?Either way, I wouldn't worry too much about them. If you want them to remain pristine, don't wear them in adverse conditions. If you want to, a good brushing and air drying should generally be enough, with cleaning and conditioning when necessary.Generally speaking I've noticed wax polish doing a little something to protect leather from water (compared to shoes/boots without it). Of course it also does something to protect them from the...
Makes sense, thank you.I'm leaning towards the AS's with a commando sole in scotch grain, but the Trickers in Zug with either Dainite or Commando soles looks pretty great too.Are all three of approximately the same shaft height?
Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by that last part.
Gents, I'm having some trouble deciding between a few boots. I've been poking around other threads to compile advice. Advice seems to be that Tricker's Stow is more durable than C&J's Islay and, if I'm correct, that the Stow is a bit wider fitting. But how might these compare to Alfred Sargent's Hannover? My general concern is what's best in the muck and snow.
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