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I love that collar. Is that a bespoke shirt? if so, who's your shirtmaker?
JohnnyCrockett I'm curious, could you please show us the knot? Congratulations on this gorgeous tie!!! Iñaki
NOBD That's a garza grossa grenadine, right? how about posting pics of the knot it ties? which color # is it exactly? BTW, very nice tie. Congratulations! Iñaki
Quote: Originally Posted by ~ B ~ "engineered without regard to any budget". You're talking of non other than Asprey, they're the ones I'd go for a bespoke briefcase if money weren't an issue. Can we count on you to keep us posted on this? :-) ) Iñaki
Hi I'm in love with some white gold-motherpearl-diamonds cufflinks, and I wonder if the diamonds make them good for other uses apart from formal wear, how about business wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Some of these have since sold... Trini which brand are those knit ties? They're beautiful...
I hope you like this
I hope you guys enjoy these links (make it sure you go through each one of them) as much as I do Iñaki,A6190, this guy visited the shop, bought three pairs and gives us a detailed account about his visit and Vass shoes. You can also find in this blog info on José María Reíllo, one of the last bespoke tailors in Madrid (Spain). Hope you like it, Iñaki
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