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A free shipping code for international orders (including sale items) would a most welcome New Years gift...
Anyone know how Comme des Garçons Homme Plus shoe sizes run? Big? Small? Just right?
Price drops!
Ditto on this one!
Great selection of pants (and one jacket) on offer here. All prices include shipping to the US. International shipping quotes on request. Please add 4% for Paypal fee. 1) Marni burgundy felt pants, size 50, slim cut, fairly lightweight (for felt), NWT - These unworn pants are gorgeous, soft, slim and eye catching. My camera made them look a little redder than they actually are, but the color is a deep burgundy. I hate to part with them, but they're a bit big for me. $200...
Is the Raf top a sweater or a sweat shirt? It's hard to tell from the pic. Could you post another shot? Maybe one of the weird detail on the front? Thanks!
Anyone have a Bergdorf Goodman website code... something that'll work on sale items?
Ugh... I know, that's why I'm fishing around on here for a new code. The actual 'yoox discount thread' page doesn't seem as active as the main sale thread, so I figured it was worth a shot.
Anyone have an active yoox code by any chance?
I know I should be better at finding these, but does anyone have an up to date Yoox code?
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