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I pay way more then stated in the first post I just cant change it somehow
I want to buy the Acne-leatherjacket named Theo, in black or red, size 48, pay better for the black then the red. For fastest contact mail me on Cdskifan@hotmail.com
I want to buy the Theo jacket from Acne, black/blue preferably in size 48, must be in great condition. I will pay well for it. Also if anyone know where I can find it, please tell, if its a physical shop I could give money for you to buy it and send to me (you get extra for the job ofc so there is a point doing it.) Mail me to cdskifan@hotmail.com preferably as I check it more often then im on this site. Tell me your price
Im looking for the Converse Cody Hudson-model in size 8-8,5 US size, pay well!
Finally I find a pair of brown combatboots I like for a reasonable price, not as bulky as many other boots, bought them in black too. I might try with darker brown laces later though if I can manage to find waxed flat ones anywhere....
Must, have, them
I'd like to buy a pair of H by hudson Monte loafers, the tan colorway in UK size 7/EU size 41. I've got a unused pair in UK8 if anyone against all odds got a pair of 7's that is too small. These are the ones im looking for http://images.asos.com/inv/x/72/725/...n/image1xl.jpg
Okay, thats helpfull, I can usually get a finger down on size 8 (If useing a little bit of force). I measured my foot using a ruler against a wall standing on it so it should be pretty accurate. I guess I will go with 7's from now on then.
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