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Widest point on my forefoot is about 101mm, so I guess a 8UK is the right answer here?
Cool, thanks for the response and info.When you say 'roughly the same size', what size are you if you don't mind me asking?
Still looking for sizing advice on the double monks in suede (hiro last). Haven't bought dress shoes in years and rarely wear them, so only reference point I have is Nike/Vans in which I wear a 8.5UK (9.5US / 27.5CM / 275mm) or Redwing 8UK (9US). On the meermin site they say a 7.5UK is 275mm, which matches my foot size, but I assume that's the insole length and due to the last narrowing towards the end and the inclusion of socks it makes sense to shave off a couple of mm...
I'm looking to get the navy double monks and was hoping to get some sizing advice from anyone that has bought them or a similar shoe from Meermin. I normally wear a UK8.5 in most shoes and measure approx. 10.5"/3.5" - what would be the best size to go for in the aforementioned shoes? Thanks.
Didn't have a chance to grab food before going out last night so I just grabbed a KFC.
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